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Indonesian Beauty: Crazy for Matte Lip Creams

Indonesian Beauty series feature Indonesian guest bloggers and interviews with Indonesian artists and professionals to get to know what’s hot in the region.


Indonesian Matte Lip Creams are currently on trend in the beauty landscape. Our first post is from a good friend of mine and a fellow makeup addict, Dyah Rinni. This post is a translation from the original version in Indonesian here.

(Untuk versi bahasa Indonesia, klik di sini)

By Dyah Rinni

I’ve always felt that Indonesia is not a fertile ground for the development of cosmetics industry. Indonesian beauty world, for me, was rather stagnant and filled by only incumbents: Martha Tilaar cosmetics group, Mustika Ratu, Mandom, Wardah, Viva and others.

Could it be because for Indonesians, cosmetics aren’t a primary need? We say (sometimes jokingly, sometimes in earnest), “We couldn’t afford food, how could we buy cosmetics?”. And even if they did, it would be what we considered as basic: lipstick, face powder, and face cleanser.

As far as I remember, only Sariayu (Martha Tilaar Group) and Mustika Ratu have a new product trend release every year. And that’s usually the standards: new lipsticks and eyeshadows. Other international trends did not really affect Indonesia, like the mineral makeup craze and BB Cream. Although, with BB cream, there was still some new products launched by these established companies.

Surprisingly enough, in 2016, I’ve been proven wrong.

Like mushrooms after the rain, there were sudden appearances of many new players in the local cosmetic world. Even in 2017, there are even more new names: from the celebrity owned brands, to makeup artists doing their own lines. Miraculously (not), almost all of them have a lip cream matte as their first product.

Matte Lip Creams: Rollover Reaction, BLP Cosmetics, Mineral Botanica

Matte Lip Creams: Rollover Reaction, BLP Cosmetics, Mineral Botanica

Out of so many new player name in the world of cosmetics, there are at least four names of new players that stand out.

Mineral Botanica

Mineral Botanica (Mica) appeared around 2015 with mineral cosmetics product launches. It was something (in my opinion) that would not be taken too seriously by Indonesian cosmetics companies. In the early days of its development, Mineral Botanica sold their products only online. But now, Mineral Botanica works with a network of Indonesian drugstores.

I’ve tried their lip creams and BB Cream. I quite liked both products. Their lip creams have 20 colors, ranging from nude to bold. Unlike the other Indie cosmetic products whose price is above the average price, Mica is quite affordable for Indonesians. Their latest breakthrough is the Mineral Botanica studio line, which has a better quality and can be used for more professional purposes such as photography.

Rollover Reaction

Rollover Reaction established in 2016 by four beauty lovers-friends: Dinar Ramanda, Sarah, Naya, and Nov. At the beginning of their launch, the product Rollover Reaction has more shades of nude, which is not fully compatible with the most Indonesian skintones. However, in the second collection, Rollover issued a more diverse collection.

The difference between Rollover Reaction lip creams with other products is their products are multifunctional: in addition to lipstick, their products can be used as blush and eyeshadow. Although the product is not transferproof, this is one of my favorites because it’s comfortable to wear. I have a shade Livv which is a brown camel  that’s suitable for daily use. Interested in having Rollover Reaction? Get their products on their website directly:


Just like Rollover Reaction, BLP was one of the early players in the Indonesian Indie cosmetic companies. The brain behind BLP is Lizzie Parra, a makeup artist with a lot of followers on social media. Although their lipcoat can’t be used for a variety of functions like the Rollover Reaction, I admired BLP’s color. A wide selection of colors ranging from nude to bold indicates that Lizzie Parra understand the colors that look good for most Indonesian skintones.

I have a Caramel Champagne shade, a metallic rose color that is great for daily use. On that note, BLP also sold really well. On product launches, BLP sold out within a matter of hours or even minutes. Several times I was eyeing a BLP lip coat and couldn’t get it because I wasn’t quick enough. Similar to a Rollover Reaction, BLP lip coats aren’t transferproof. BLP can be obtained from

Indonesian Matte Lip Cream Swatch

Using Colourpop Mama dan Wet n Wild Catsuit Give Me Mocha as a texture/swatch comparison, the matte lip creams swatches from bottom to top: Colourpop Ultra Matte in Mama Mineral Botanica Soft Matte Lip Cream in Orange Brick (013) BLP Lipcoat in Caramel Champagne Rollover Reaction Sueded Lip & Cheek Cream in Livv Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit in Give Me Mocha


Dissy Cosmetics

Dissy Cosmetics is owned by the celebrity partners Ussy Sulistiawaty and Andhika Pratama. After having Muslim fashion brand Ussy House Of Muslim, both launched a cosmetic brand named Dissy. Dissy is the abbreviation of the name of both Andhika and Ussy. Despite being celebrities, both knew the contents of their products and are willing to go in personally on the market in order to expand the network. Dissy’s products are very diverse, ranging from soap, body lotion, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush on, and even face cleanser. Still, the main selling items are the lipcream matte.

Dyah Rinni

Wearing Mineral Botanica Soft Matte Lip Cream in Orange Brick!

Although the year has changed, it seems that there are no signs that this will stop the lip cream craze. Some of the new brands are already previewing a new lip cream line, which sometimes got me confused of differentiating the products from one another. So are the old players who add new colors in their line.

What’s behind all of these new products? Is it possible that lip cream – making and its raw goods are easier to obtain and do? Or maybe the establishment of the company is also getting easier? Whatever the answer, I hope, will bring benefits to consumers in Indonesia. And hopefully this trend will go on and evolve, not the kind that broke up shortly.

Dyah Rinni is an Indonesian author of ten books, writing coach, and a former editor at a large publishing company. She loves sharing insight about creativity, life, and of course, make-up in her IG @deetopia and her blog, Her latest domestic drama fiction, Asa Ayuni, is available now.



Indonesian Beauty: Indie Lip Cream Matte Asli Indonesia

Indonesian Beauty series (originally in Indonesian) features Indonesian guest bloggers and interviews with Indonesian artists and professionals to get to know what’s hot in the region.


Our first post is from a good friend of mine and a fellow makeup addict, Dyah Rinni.

For the English translation,  go here.

Ditulis oleh Dyah Rinni


Saya selalu merasa Indonesia bukanlah lahan yang subur bagi perkembangan dunia kosmetik. Dunia kosmetik Indonesia, bagi saya, cenderung stagnan dan hanya diisi oleh pemain lama yang itu-itu saja: kelompok kosmetik Martha Tilaar, Mustika Ratu, Mandom, Wardah, Viva dan lain-lain. Saya pikir, mungkin itu karena bagi orang Indonesia, kosmetik bukanlah keperluan utama. Istilahnya, buat makan saja susah, apalagi buat beli kosmetik. Kalaupun beli, mungkin keperluan ala kadarnya saja seperti lipstick, bedak, pembersih muka.

Seingat saya, hanya Sariayu dan Mustika Ratu yang rajin mengeluarkan produk baru setiap tahunnya. Itupun biasanya standar: lipstick dan eyeshadow baru. Beberapa tren kosmetik dunia juga seperti tidak terlalu berpengaruh ke Indonesia, seperti demam mineral makeup dan juga BB Cream. Oke, BB cream cukup lumayan. Namun, itu juga hanya diisi oleh para pemain lama.

Kemudian datang 2016, dan ternyata saya salah.

Seperti cendawan, mendadak muncul banyak nama pemain baru di dunia kosmetik lokal. Bahkan sekarang, 2017, semakin banyak saja nama-nama baru yang tidak pernah saya bayangkan sebelumnya: mulai dari brand yang dimiliki artis, makeup artists dan lain-lain. Ajaibnya, hampir semuanya mengeluarkan lip cream matte sebagai produk pertama mereka.

Matte Lip Creams: Rollover Reaction, BLP Cosmetics, Mineral Botanica

Matte Lip Creams: Rollover Reaction, BLP Cosmetics, Mineral Botanica

Dari begitu banyaknya nama pemain baru di dunia kosmetik, setidaknya ada empat nama pemain baru yang menonjol.

Mineral Botanica


Mineral Botanica (Mica) muncul sekitar tahun 2015 dengan meluncurkan produk kosmetik mineral, sesuatu yang menurut saya, tidak pernah terlalu dipandang serius oleh perusahan kosmetik Indonesia. Di awal-awal perkembangannya, Mineral Botanica hanya dipasarkan secara online. Namun sekarang, Mineral Botanica sudah bekerja sama dengan jaringan drugstore Indonesia. Saya pernah mencoba adalah lipcream dan BB Cream. Saya cukup menyukai kedua produknya. Lipcreamnya memiliki 20 pilihan warna, mulai dari nude sampai bold. Berbeda dengan produk kosmetik Indie lainnya yang harganya berada di atas harga rata-rata, Mica juga tergolong terjangkau untuk orang Indonesia. Terobosan terbaru Mineral Botanica adalah mengeluarkan line studio yang kualitasnya lebih baik dan dapat digunakan untuk keperluan serius seperti pemotretan.


Rollover Reaction


Rollover Reaction berdiri pada tahun 2016 oleh empat sahabat: Dinar Ramanda, Sarah, Naya, dan Novi yang semuanya menyukai dunia kecantikan. Di awal peluncuran, produk Rollover Reaction lebih banyak bernuansa nude, yang sebenarnya tidak sepenuhnya sesuai dengan kebanyakan kulit orang Indonesia. Namun, di koleksi kedua, Rollover mengeluarkan koleksi yang lebih beragam. Perbedaan lipcream Rollover Reaction dengan produk lain adalah produk mereka yang multifungsi: selain untuk lipstick, produk mereka dapat digunakan sebagai blush dan eyeshadow. Meski produk Rollover bukan jenis yang transferproof, namun ini adalah salah satu favorit saya karena kenyamanannya. Saya memiliki shade Livv yang merupakan warna cokelat camel yang cocok untuk harian. Tertarik memiliki Rollover Reaction? Dapatkan produk mereka di website mereka langsung:


Indonesian Matte Lip Cream Swatch

Dengan perbandingan Colourpop Mama dan Wet n Wild Catsuit Give Me Mocha, berikut swatch matte lip creams dari bawah ke atas: Colourpop Ultra Matte in Mama Mineral Botanica Soft Matte Lip Cream in Orange Brick (013) BLP Lipcoat in Caramel Champagne Rollover Reaction Sueded Lip & Cheek Cream in Livv Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit in Give Me Mocha






Seperti Rollover Reaction, BLP termasuk pemain awal di produk kosmetik Indie Indonesia. Otak di belakang BLP adalah makeup artist Lizzie Parra yang memiliki banyak follower di media sosial. Meski lipcoat tidak dapat digunakan untuk beragam fungsi seperti Rollover Reaction, saya mengagumi pilihan warna lipcoat BLP. Rangkaian pilihan warnanya yang beragam dari nude sampai bold menunjukkan menunjukkan bahwa Lizzie Parra paham akan warna-warna yang terlihat bagus bagi kebanyakan kulit Indonesia. Saya memiliki shade Caramel Champagne, warna rose metalik yang bagus untuk harian. BLP juga laris banget, lho. Kalau launching, BLP bisa langsung sold out dalam waktu hitungan jam atau bahkan menit. Beberapa kali saya mengincar lipcoat BLP dan kehabisan karena kalah bergerak cepat. Mirip dengan Rollover Reaction, produk Lipcoat BLP bukanlah tipe yang transferproof. BLP dapat diperoleh di


Dissy Cosmetics


Dissy Cosmetics dimiliki oleh pasangan artis Ussy Sulistiawaty dan Andhika Pratama. Setelah memiliki brand busana muslim Ussy House Of Muslim, keduanya meluncurkan produk kosmetik yang diberi nama Dissy. Dissy adalah singkatan dari nama keduanya Andhika dan Ussy. Meski artis, keduanya benar-benar belajar isi produknya dan rela masuk keluar pasar demi memperluas jaringan. Produk yang dijual Dissy sangat beragam, mulai dari sabun, body lotion, lipstick, maskara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush on, sampai sabun pembersih wajah. Namun tentu saja jualan utama mereka adalah lipcream matte.

Dyah Rinni

Wearing Mineral Botanica Soft Matte Lip Cream in Orange Brick!


Meski tahun sudah berubah, sepertinya tidak ada tanda-tanda bahwa kegilaan lipcream ini akan berhenti. Beberapa merk baru sudah ancang-ancang mengeluarkan lipcream mereka, meski sebenarnya, saya mulai tidak tahu apa beda produk yang satu dengan yang lain. Begitu juga dengan pemain lama yang menambahkan warna baru di line mereka.
Ada apa di balik semua produk baru ini? Apakah mungkin barang baku pembuatan lipcream semakin mudah? Ataukah mungkin pendirian perusahaan juga semakin mudah? Apapun jawabannya, saya harap, akan membawa keuntungan bagi konsumen Indonesia. Dan semoga ini trend ini bisa berjalan lama, bukan gelombang sesaat yang kemudian pecah.

Dyah Rinni adalah pemimpi besar yang kadang-kadang menulis. Penumpuk buku-buku diskon. Penggila makeup terbaru. Pemburu dorama Jepang. Penggoda kucing tetangga.
Karya Dyah yang pernah diterbitkan adalah serial Detektif Imai, Marginalia, Unfriend You, Beautiful Liar, Mermaid Fountain, dan Asa Ayuni.
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