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how to find the perfect red lipstick

Everybody can wear red lipstick. See how.

So you doubt you can pull off a red lip? Trust me, you can. In this post I’ll tell you how (and we’re skipping over that boring warm-toned/ cool-toned thing!) to find and wear your perfect red lipstick.


50 shades of skintones

The relationship we have with our skintones… It’s difficult, really. There’s the stage when you’re desperately trying to figure out what your exact skintone is to find a good foundation match. Then there’s the stage when you’re bemoaning your shade – too pasty white, too yellow, too pink, too mottled, too ruddy. And then there comes the day when you’re totally puzzled because you’re reading a website or a magazine that tells you how to find the perfect red lipstick for your skintone, and you recognize that you don’t fall into any categories they offer.READ MORE