Let’s end the month with some linklove – my favourite blogposts in October! I’m delighted to bring you a very diverse batch of beauty news, including an exciting new skincare brand, a Pumpkin Spice highlighter, beauty for guys, an awesome travel hack and some articles that are definitely food for thought if you’re a woman.

Beauty news


Sephora’ll come back to the UK! I’m excited. (It’s already in Switzerland as well?! Wow!)

Estée Lauder buys Becca. The gigantic company (that has over 150 brands under their belt) buys the beloved highlighter-famous company. I can think of some pros (availability, distribution) and cons (growing into sameness and blandness), but let’s see where this will lead. I’m curious.

ColourPop offers affordable international shipping now, but beware, there’re some dangers! (At least in Germany. A note on that – Magi is spot on with her analysis that the problem is apparently a missing European contact and missing declarations on the products – I’ve got a message from an Indie Polish maker stating the same problem a few weeks ago. All my orders, though, have reached me safely.)

After Covergirl announced their first CoverBOY (or, if you insist, male spokesperson), male MUAs and beauty bloggers and vloggers spring up everywhere, and there’s also now a beauty site for guys (think of a male Into the Gloss). Sorry, not beauty – it’s called grooming when it’s for guys apparently. Founder David Yi didn’t want to ask female friends and relatives for beauty tips any more and set up his own, all male site. Good for you guys!


Blogging tools

How to Instagram (it never gets old). In German, but the pics speak for themselves. Have a look, I started to laugh immediately!

Some blogposts ideas for Fall! Nice starting points when you’ve a white paper and not much else.



A PUMPKIN SPICE highlighter DIY?! Whaaaaaaat? I’ll make one!


Food for thought

The role of makeup in the current US election battle. Give it a try, it’s really interesting and has a lot to do with perceived notions of how a woman of a certain/a businessman should look like. I’d also love to know if Hillary really wore that Kylie lipkit!

Kim Kardashian and Elena Ferrante are both reduced to a single public image that neglects to see the facets of real the human being behind that. What happens then? Well, Ferrante’s identity was revealed without any respect, and Kardashian’s jewelry was stolen which is bad enough, but then all the comments were like ‘well she earned it after flaunting it’. Both are women who become their public image and are mercilessly put down for that. Sad.

The rage of women as depicted in recent books and movies – Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train and many more. What happens if women don’t want to fit in the mold that society prepares for them? I love Petersen’s writing and downloaded ‘Hausfrau’ immediately after she mentioned it in the article.



Japan is one of the countries I want to travel to next year, the Travelettes have a lot of pretty pictures and inspo where I should go and what I should see.

Related to that is this site I found via Mashable – airport wifi passwords on one handy map! Yaaaaasssss! Nothing worse than waiting at the airport with spotty wifi!


Beauty Product Alert

The Ordinary products landed on my to buy list after both Shelynx and The Notice both raved about them. The brand belongs to Deciem and is incredibly cheap while it has impressive ingredient lists. If you’re all for skincare products that are chock full of ingredients that WORK (think peptides, retinoids, vitamins and niacinamide) I think this will interest you.

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