January 2016 - twindly beauty blog
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Guerlain Spring 2016

Spring Makeup Collections 2016: The lazy girl’s round-up

Ah, spring. In the makeup world, that means release dates in December and January, when most of us don’t even think of delicate blossoms and balmy temps, but enjoy Christmas, snow and hot chocolate. Maybe that’s the reason why the new spring releases weren’t really on my radar, although most of them already came out. I still have my winter decoration up and enjoy scented candles with warm scents, thank you very much.READ MORE

Let’s celebrate: The best beauty products of 2015

For me, 2015 was the year of more thoughtful decisions when it came to buying makeup. I think I finally passed the stage of the ooooh-shiny-must-have-it-all makeup addiction, especially when it came to limited editions, and focused a lot more on skincare. In conclusion, I became really picky and borderline cranky about all that stuff that companies churn out day in, day out. And then, once in a blue moon brands came out with really innovative, thought through, great products so that I didn’t loose my faith completely. Phew!READ MORE

twindlytuesday: Pantone Color 2016 in Wardah’s eye palette

Happy happy new year 2016!!

We hope you’re having a great start into this year, and may we have the grit to keep going on those New Year resolution 🙂 !

I just got back from my hometown visit / vacation in Indonesia, still kind of jet lagged, and going back to this sub zero temperature in Berlin is not making it easier… (It was > 30∘C there and <-10∘C here!). As always though, playing with makeup is a good remedy and I found just the thing to cheer me up.READ MORE