May 2015 - twindly beauty blog
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Clubelle Makeover Session

As part of the Clubelle experience and in relation to my 100 days makeup look, Maggie Cappeletti, the founder of Clubelle, invited us to try out the service and have a personal consultation session with her.

I started out feeling a bit skeptical, as I always do when I am going to a makeover, feeling like “Oh, I totally know what I am doing, I don’t need any more advice, I just like the feeling of getting the makeover!”READ MORE

Beauty Founder Stories: Maggie Cappelletti, makeup artist and beauty coach

While working on twindly, we’ve met a lot of fascinating people from the beauty industry. What’s better, after all, than sitting around a table and chatting about beauty? We’d love to do that with all of you reading this! But alas, because that’s quite impossible, we’ve started this interview series in which we’ll ask insiders like MUAs, small business founders and influencers how they perceive beauty and ask them to share their best tips and tricks with us all. So, grab a chair and a coffee and come and join us!READ MORE

How to treat brittle, weak or breaking nails

If you have a look at my personal instagram, you might recognise that I’m a bit of a nailpolish junkie. I love the possibilities that polish and nail art give me and it’s also a nice creativity outlet. Astrid recently asked me how I care for my nails and how I prevent them from splintering, peeling and breaking. You wouldn’t believe it from pics, but a few years ago, my nails were a mess. Weak, peeling, breaking off again and again – I was desperate. I tried everything the internet said was useful, but nothing seemed to really help. Finally everything got better when I started the following regime.READ MORE

Be the original! – The Atlas of Beauty project

Diversity is the key to a new understanding of beauty, proposes Mihaela Noroc of ‚The Atlas of Beauty’. As nearly every woman is grappling with the concept of beauty during her lifetime, we had a closer look at Mihaela’s project.READ MORE

MAC Huggable Lipcolours part 2 – I’m Game, I’m In, Fashion Force (swatches, review, comparisons)

When the Huggable Lipcolours appeared again in the MAC OS Germany last week (they’re still there), I couldn’t resist and got another three I was interested in – I’m In, I’m Game and Fashion Force. I’m sharing my swatches and some comparisons with you today – for the in-length review, please visit the first blogpost about the 2015 release of the Huggables where I talk about texture and formula.READ MORE