December 2014 - twindly beauty blog
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Yeah, I know: When we started the blog, Astrid and I said we didn’t want to write a blog that was primarily about buying but about the life of a beauty junkie. More about showing what that entails, not about accumulating products. And what am I doing right now? Writing about a product that changed my life. Yep. But hear me out for a moment, ok?READ MORE

Merry X-Mas & Happy Holidays

We wish you a Merry X-Mas and Happy Holidays! Hope your days are filled with joy, love, and beautiful things!



Marsala – looking through our stashes for the Color of the Year 2015!

Marsala (an Italian dessert wine of with a deep red hue) became Color of the Year 2015 last week – proclaimed by Pantone. It’s the color that’ll accompany us through 2015. Pantone describes it as ‘naturally robust and earthy wine red’ that can be used for both accents and on its own. Our take on it is that the color incorporates elements of red, brown, and plum.READ MORE

Very different beauty twins

If you could see both Astrid and me (Dorit) right now, you wouldn’t think that we’re beauty twins. We met a few years ago on a beauty forum, and the only common denominator was our mutual love of all things beauty and makeup. I mean, that’s a lot, right? If you’re a beauty junkie as well, you know how great it is to find like-minded folks that don’t see your love of colours, textures and looks as something girly, stupid and shallow. (But this is a topic for another post.)