The best beauty news (the MAC x Patrick Starr collab, The Ordinary in Germany), Fenty Beauty is barely two months old and wins an award, and a beauty subscription service from a luxury brand. Makeup on the train will look vastly different in the future. Also, incredible hotel views, and a few holiday ideas in the November edition of the best reads and beauty news.


Beauty News and Releases

MAC partners with Patrick Starr. (Refinery29)

MAC LE 2018
MAC x Patrick Starr will feature four collections

Swedish brand Isadora will come to Walgreens. (I know people who swear on their nailpolishes because they’re so longlasting.) (Allure)

Huxley and some other cool K-beauty brands will come to Nordstrom. (Allure)

Benefit recalled their browgel gimme brow voluntarily (if you have it, read this). (Via British Beauty Blogger)

Hourglass is now completely vegan. (Glamour)

Pai skincare will be available at Hudson Bay and Neiman Marcus in the US, John Lewis in the UK. (Standard)

Le Labo will come out with a skin and bodycare line. Ooooooh! I love their Rose fragrance! (Elle)

In Germany, you can buy The Ordinary at Mußler in Stuttgart in person. In a store! Where you can test stuff!

Parfümerie Mußler The Ordinary
Via Innen & Außen

Fenty Beauty won the “Invention of the Year“ award from Time Magazine.

You’ll now get a lot of interesting cosmetics brands at J.Crew: Cirque nailpolish, Glow Recipe, Milk… (Allure)

Douglas has a new female CEO and rolls out some interesting ideas: Having a beauty lounge on a train, or in the airport, for example!



If you ever find yourself in Malaysia, there’s a cafe that combines beauty and beverages. What else could you want?! (Allure)

There’s a beauty subscription service from Sisley? (The Sunday Girl)

Why you should never try makeup from testers: Woman sues Sephora for herpes infection. (TeenVogue)

Why anti-pollution skincare is a thing: A rather good and informative article from Vogue India.

Someone invented an app that’ll show made-up people without said makeup. The internet wasn’t have it, but then, that dude invented it to help government agencies to save children and teenagers from traficking, so there’s that. I can understand people being outraged, but good intentions, people! Good intentions! (TeenVogue & Glamour)

A Racked beauty editor wrote about all the gifts she gets from cosmetics companies. Well, just let me say that: I’ve never met an editor who didn’t see that whole gifting thing in a very businesslike way: I’ll get to treat your company store as my personal free buffet, and you’ll get nice press. In addition, ad sales. And that was the way it was, and everybody loved it. If it’s different at Racked, all the power to you.

I love this review of Guerlain Mon Guerlain fragrance from The Non-Blonde. She raises many issues that I feel are the same when it comes to the beauty world. Companies throw things on the market with no consideration of if it’s a good product. Everybody seems out for the quick buck, and nothing more.



Tripadvisor will now flag all hotels where travellers reported sexual harassment. I feel two ways about that again – there could seriously be some incidents where the hotel has nothing to do with what guest are up to in their rooms? Idk. What do you think? (Glamour)

Because I want to dream from time to time: Hotels where you have an incredible view from your bathtub. And when I say incredible, they’re INCREDIBLE. (Elle UK)


Life, love and everything else

Pumpkins! Aren’t they awesome? Art from Yayoi Kusama, I took the pic at her exhibition in Singapore.

Romance novels that’ll get you through everything (if you love romance novels, that is. If you don’t, you probably won’t find that very helpful). (Shondaland)

Be angry! Be even angrier! It’s ok! Nevermind somebody told you that nice girls don’t get angry. Be angry all you like. (And then pick up a romance novel, maybe? Or maybe not.) (NY Times)

Zara customers found pleas for help inside their clothes – workers apparently hadn’t been paid for their work. Something to think about before you do the next fast fashion haul. (TeenVogue)


Holiday Fun

Do you know Fairytale of New York? It’s my favourite Christmas song, and now it’s a candle! (Cult Beauty)

Quickest cookie recipe of the world: Crackers. Rolos. Place a Rolo on a cracker, microwave gently, put another cracker on top, press together, enjoy. (It’s like crack – see what I did there?! – for people who love anything salty and caramel.) (Recipe via Lecker Magazine)


On the blog

On the blog

So we had two themed weeks! Exciting! During the first week, it was all about gift guides – Astrid wrote about her fave beauty gifts, and I showed you three great books for perfume lovers and – non-perfume lovers! In our second themed week, it was all about hydration. In three (!) posts we presented you six hydrating products and after reading them, I’ll bet you you’ll find your HG product too. (Serums, essences, round-up and winners.)

Also, I showed you my ultimate hack for a quick and easy five minute makeup look, and my must-have Asian Beauty products. And if you need convincing that you need the second MAC Viva Glam Taraji Henderson lipstick, Astrid has the post for you!




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