Hi! I’m Dorit. Nice to meet you! I figured that while Astrid, Twindly’s CEO, is very well known around here, maybe you’re curious about the person who writes a lot of the blogposts – me. Also, I’m nosy myself and love reading these kind of posts (fun fact #1!). So, here’re 25 totally random facts about me. Some are makeup related, some not.

1. I took a day off for the release of MAC’s Hello Kitty collection so I could stand in line really early!

2. I’ve only back-upped three products ever: MAC’s Silverthorn e/s, Lord it up pearlglide (which was promply repromoted and made perm) and Geo Pink Cremesheen Glass.

3. I don’t care about expiry dates. If it smells good, doesn’t look weird or hasn’t separated, it’ll get used. Exception: skincare and sunscreen.

4. My mum used to work for Biotherm and Lancome, so there was always makeup in the house and I was encouraged to try things out. I was around 13 or 14 when she sat me down with a mirror, eyeliner and mascara and said ‘practice!’ Consequently, I spent a lot of afternoons playing around with liners, mascara and eyeshadows!


Red lipstick with purple hair
Obviously I overcame my fear of red lipstick.


5. When I was at uni, I was famous for quick drugstore breaks when studying got tedious. I usually went right after lunch and spent some time just looking at beauty products!

6. I was really self-conscious about my full lips for the longest time and wouldn’t wear red lipstick because of that. On a really dreary Saturday afternoon I found myself at a MAC counter and thought ‘screw it, I’m going to wear red!’. The MUA recommended MAC Red and Cherry liner, and I never looked back.

7. Astrid and I actually met on a makeup and beauty forum.

8. I’ve got a thing for nail polish. I’ve worn polish more or less regularly since high school, but my nail polish obsession started around 2010 when I was introduced to US and indie brands. It went downhill from there!

9. I don’t get Marie Kondo.

10. I love reorganizing my makeup stash.


Nailpolish inventory
My nail polish stash during reorganisation


11. I’m a samples hoarder.

12. I’m also a geek and have a thing for Tolkien and British TV series Doctor Who.

13. I met my husband on my best friend’s wedding.

14. Besides the love of beauty and makeup, my other passion is travelling.

15. When I was little, I wanted to become a gardener. Or writer. Still love gardening. And writing.

16. I studied Medieval Literature at uni.


25 facts about me
Felix, the three-legged family cat.


17. I started out as an editor in my professional life. Still love editing texts and putting a page together.

18. I’m an avid reader. My all-time favourite book is Antonia Byatt’s Possession. My pick-me-up and feel-good book is Josephine Tey’s The Sands of Time or Dorothy Sayer’s Gaudy Night.

19. I’ll never go anywhere without a book.

20. I love baking – it’s so soothing to mix the batter with your hands and see something awesome evolve in the oven.

21. Drug of choice – liquorice. Always.

22. Totally addicted to rescue kitten TV, courtesy of Tinykittens. My family always had pets, but I can’t have any in the apartment we live in, so that’s the next best thing (and when I go home, there’s Felix the family cat, of course).


Cherry blossoms, Shanghai People's Square, and me
Cherry blossoms, Shanghai People’s Square, and me


23. Grew up in a tiny village and live now in the biggest city on earth.

24. I’ve always been a writer. Started writing stories for my friends in primary school and haven’t stopped since.

25. Dyed my hair purple when it became clear that I’d move to China and would obviously stand out anyway …


This was fun! Any other questions? I’ll be happy to answer (most)!

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