This is what I did this summer. And suddenly I had the best skin ever! I had neither pimples, nor dry patches. I proudly present my summer holy grail skincare routine for both morning and evening.


Morning Skincare Routine


Cleanser: i+m Hydro Perform Reinigungsmilch

  • It’s a simple organic cleanser that does its job well. Doesn’t feel like it’s striping your skin, yet clean enough to remove grits.
  • At almost one third of the price Aesop’s Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser (29€ – my former holy grail cleanser), i+m hydro perform reinigungsmilch does the job equally well, Aesop has the better scent (but really, in a cleanser that’s not really a huge factor).
  • Availability: The German organic brand is available at drugstores (dm, Müller) for about 12€.


Toning Lotion: Clarins Camomile Toning Lotion

  • Not a toning person before, but this product changed my opinion. (Also featured in my favourites here.)
  • Smells like a grandma product, but it had made my skin way calmer.
  • Very gentle toner, no alcohol, no acids, just removing the last parts of grime and gives my skin extra moisture back.
  • Easily available at Clarins counters everywhere, for about 25€/$.


Serum: Caudalie Vino Perfect Radiance Serum

  • Some days I’m not sure what this serum does on my skin. I don’t really see the radiance part coming true.
  • What I do know: when I wear this, I want to wear less foundation (which is awesome!).
  • It’s lightweight, absorbs instantly, I could use it sans moisturizer when the weather is hot and humid (Indonesian sun!)
  • Skin gets more supple (which I noticed when I didn’t wear the serum) – guessing the antioxidant and vitamins?
  • So I keep using it as well, at least until I find a better serum.
  • Easily available at pharmacies and Sephora – not exactly cheap though.


Moisturizer: Clarins Multi Active Jour SPF 15

  • It’s an ok moisturizer (should be more than that with the price, get it here), kept my skin moisturized when the weather is dryer.
  • Smells nice.
  • Surprisingly more sticky than the jar version.
  • (I don’t know what else to say about this – it’s nice. That’s it.)


Sunscreen: Paula’s Choice Resist Youth Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF50

  • Rather use this instead of a moisturizer.
  • Perfect sunscreen.
  • No white cast.
  • Lightweight feeling.
  • Dorit also loves it and wrote about it a few times already. (Get it at Paula’s Choice.)


PM Skincare routine

Easy evening skincare routine for combination skin
Easy summer PM Routine

Cleanser: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

  • Nothing really special here, but it does its job well.
  • Removes makeup.
  • Doesn’t dry the skin.
  • Affordable and easily available at the drugstore.


Toning Lotion: Clarins Camomile Toning Lotion

  • Same as above


Serum: Paula’s Choice Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment

  • Just a tiny bit, makes my wrinkles look less visible (I did have some more visible ones before I started this regime!)
  • Great ingredients: not only retinol, but also antioxidants and plant extracts that helps with redness
  • Pricey, but worth it


Moisturizer: The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil

  • I love this oil! I used to have Pai’s Rosehip Oil, 3x the price, but this one does the job equally well.
  • Feels the same on the skin, and I can slather it on because it’s cheap. (Get it here.)
  • Rose Hip Oil has this Vitamin A (and stuff…) that’s adressing aging signs and generally unhappy skin.
  • Putting it on at night guaranteed me waking up with a better skin!


Mask: NIOD Voicemail Masque

  • I use it once or twice a week
  • We’ve reviewed it here already (and tested it both!).
  • The key is really to use a small amount and make sure it sink into the skin, forming a silicone-y layer.
  • I don’t put any other product underneath it, just this mask
  • Not sure what it exactly does for my skin – it just looks better!
  • I’ll stick with it until I find a better sleeping mask. So far this is the only mask I love to use on a regular basis.

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