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Hot news about Sephora opening in Germany, inclusive makeup, beauty addiction turning real, IG loop giveaways and travel hacks, just for you!
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Beauty news and the best reads in November

Linklove: Best beauty reads and news in May

Hot beauty news, just for you! All the deeds about Sephora in Germany (yaaaaaaaay!), inclusive makeup (find the right foundation shade for you, whatever your skintone is), and makeup is actually good for your skin?! Also the truth about those IG loop giveaways, some travel hacks and what happens when beauty addiction turns into a real addiction. Here’re our best beauty reads and news in May!

Beauty news

Sephora in Germany

Sephora Marken in Deutschland

Sephora in Germany

Slowly all is revealed – the stores will be inside Kaufhof, and will carry the following brands: Too Faced, Kat von D, Huda Beauty, Becca, Make Up For Ever, Marc Jacobs and their own brand. Tentative opening date: June 29th.

(On the topic of Sephora: Sephora as a playground for millenials, as seen by the New York Times. I’ve to admit that I like especially that I can play around without any SA to get their talons into me…)

Revlon returns to German/Austrian counters

In Germany at Rossmann (more info at I need Sunshine’s blog); in Austria at bipa (more info at MACKarrie’s blog here).

USA – more K-Beauty easily available in store

cosrx is now at Ulta. Go and buy allllll the things! (My review of some bestsellers is here.)

Inclusive makeup

Especially skin products for WOC: Maybelline ups their foundation game (via Glamour), and you can get your own concealer shade mixed at the Kevyn Aucoin counter in NYC (if you’re in the area) (via The Cut).


Social media

First hand experience from a German blogger/IGer about hosting an Instagram loop giveaway. Thank you for sharing your (somehow) disturbing experience, Shia! (Via Shias Welt, in English)

So, a big beauty brand wants to share your picture on their site. Sounds good? Think again. BBB explains what’ll happen when you agree to it. If you were ever thinking about agreeing to it, READ this!



We might all call ourselves beauty addicts and laugh about it, but what happens when buying beauty products turns into an real addiction? (Via Racked)

The truth about hyaluronic acid. Liah makes a somewhat dry topic so fun and easy to understand! (Youtube)

Wearing makeup might be great for your skin. A new paper on cosmoceuticals (= cosmetics + pharmaceuticals) show that wearing makeup on top of your sunscreen might protect skin from harmful pollution. Yay! (Via Allure)

That time when Guerlain tried to get the upper hand on Coca Cola. (It’s about vanilla in their perfumes. Fascinating interview with Guerlain’s perfume creator Thierry Wasser from the BeautyGeeks!)

Lab Muffin asks what’s the deal about fermented skincare. You know, the stuff in SK-II’s mind-blowingly expensive toner?

How to do winged liner when you have hooded lids. As I actually have hooded lids, this goes straight to the list of things I have to try! (Via Blushing Noir)


Life, love and everything else

The business side of travel blogging. Mind-staggering, and that’s not only the number of employees one blogger has. (Via NY Times)

There’re now Guardian of the Galaxy sex toys. (Obviously, nsfw, but good for a giggle at home. I mean, Groot!!!!) (Via Glamour)

If you’re travelling and have a layover somewhere, check if the airport offers a free city tour! These airports do! (Via The Insider)

The heart-breaking tale of sinking into an eating disorder. For this blogger, it all started with a juice cleanse. (Via Glamour)

Where your clothing donations end up. Really, can I just point out (without sounding annoyingly hypocritical) that the solution seems to be to buy less and more consciously? (Via Fashionista)

There’s a 16min sequel to Love Actually, which is my favourite Christmas movie ever. It’s sad, funny, and too short. (Glamour again)


What happened on the blog

Our quarterly round-up of seasonal beauty collections went up (this time, the summer edition) and Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog put it into her favourite reads. We nearly fainted.

A lot of product reviews: Astrid reviewed Armani’s new Eye Tints, we both tested the Niod Voicemail Masque with vastly differing results, and I tried Zoeva brushes for the first time. Then we had a lot of K-Beauty reviews: a cosrx overview, lip products from Laneige and my favourite lip products, featuring Labiotte, peripera and Clio. I also went on a little rant about minimalism and gave you my personal tips for decluttering your makeup stash when you hate decluttering.


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