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the internet made me buy it - hyped products and lessons learned

The internet made me buy it – a story of loves, losses and what you can learn from it

Picture the following scenario: There’s a new beauty product, you’ve seen pictures somewhere (leaked, most probably). Shortly after, every beauty blogger/ vlogger starts to talk about it, you start to see it everywhere, and in the end, everybody and their kitchen sink wants it. Of course, it’s also highly limited and hard to get, you’re standing in line at 6am to get it, pay in inordinate amount of money, and then, finally, you’re one of the little group of people who managed to get said item. Success! Or – not?READ MORE

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire lipstick review, swatches, comparisons

Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick review – glossy, sweet and worth it?

Early this year Guerlain launched a new makeup line of lipsticks and nail polishes to complement their fragrance La Petite Robe Noire in Europe (US release will be in May/June). It certainly has a different vibe to it than the classic Guerlain line-up. Astrid and I both tested some lipsticks and want to share our impressions, swatches and comparisons to similar lipsticks with you below!READ MORE

Skincare hack: how to avoid tacky face

Twindlytuesday: Two skincare hacks to avoid sticky skin!

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate the feeling of product sitting on my face and that tacky feeling that comes with it. Liquid foundation that never settles? Urgh. Face oils that never properly sinks in? Bah. Can’t stand it. And besides, it’s not just that icky sticky feeling – it also stained bed clothes and a rising level of impatience, while I hop impatiently around and waiting for skincare to sink in so I can apply my makeup in the morning, and nobody has time for that! Enough reasons to tackle the sticky face situation once and for all.READ MORE

Recreating Beauty Campaign Series: Spring 2016 (Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, and Chanel)

Maggie Cappelletti (founder of Clubelle) and I (Astrid, founder of twindly) are doing a series collaboration projects where we take a prominent look from a beauty brand and recreate it ourselves. The aim is to showcase how the looks would differ for different skin tones and face types. We were curious on how far we could do it without the fancy equipment, and supermodel looks.

True, we are not newbies, Maggie is a professional makeup artist and I am a self confessed beauty junkie. We do have a decent photography equipment (a tripod, Canon EOS 700D & Olympus EM-10). Plus, lots and lots of creativity and fun spirits!

To start the project, we chose three looks representing the Spring 2016 collection from major brands. For us, Spring colors are one of the most challenging color schemes, usually because it’s so pastel and cool (opposite-warm cool, that is). That’s usually not the most flattering colors on us. On that note, we chose some not-so-common color schemes for spring as well and have a bit of everything. Intrigued? Let’s go!


Giorgio Armani Spring 2016 Look Tutorial

This is a preview of the collaboration photoshoot where Maggie of Clubelle (find our interview with Maggie here!) and I did our best to copy the high-end spring campaign beauty look (will be posted next week!). I’m posting my tutorial for the Giorgio Armani Spring 2016. It was one of the looks we did on the photoshoot, one of the simple yet very wearable to wear in all seasons, and I would totally recommend this for you to try out!

As much as I love the brand, I actually did not get anything from Giorgio Armani specifically for this tutorial. Hey, we are on a budget from time to time. And I wanted to show you how you might be able to find something of this color in your stash! (PS: if you want to get something, I would recommend to try out the lipsticks. These colors are just super flattering.)

The Goal