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beauty bucket list for 2017

The beauty bucket list for 2017

Bucket lists. What better end to 2016 than looking forward to the beauties 2017 will bring, and to ponder what to buy from the upcoming spring releases? Because I don’t know about you, but chances aren’t really big that this girl will ever do a triathlon (nor would I want to) and trekking the Inca trail is about my worst nightmare. But a beauty bucket list is straight up my alley!READ MORE

Holiday 2016 makeup collections

Holiday 2016 makeup collections: The lazy girl’s round-up

Not gonna lie, but I was feeling a lot of dread wading into the realm of 2016’s holiday makeup collections. Would they be good? Exciting? Swoonworthy, even? I was afraid that I could already tell how the collections would look like without even knowing about them – like, Dior: classic holiday red and gold. YSL – something opulent and smokey. Armani? Nudish understatement. Isn’t beauty ennui just THE WORST? But let us go through this together – I’ll point out for you what is totally worth getting, and what is not. READ MORE

transition fragrances

Perfumes for the time between summer and fall

I totally realize that Shanghai is weather-wise somewhat else entirely, but given the recent heatwave Europe is having right now, I guess my post won’t receive a lot of raised eyebrows. In short, fall and PSLs are rolling in like an avalanche, but it surely doesn’t feel like it. It definitely doesn’t feel like I should swathe myself in all those warm, woody, cashmere-scarf like scents, but I am searching for perfumes for the time between summer and fall.READ MORE

Fall 2016 makeup collections

Fall 2016 makeup collections: The lazy girls round-up

I was wondering if this kind of post might be in any way relevant until I read a headline that proclaimed that dark lipsticks are hot for fall. Shocker, I know! And as newsworthy as the fact that Christmas is in December. After that, I decided that this post is absolutely necessary, even if it’ll only show you that there’re indeed a plethora of dark lips in all high-end fall makeup collections, amongst other things. And that you, indeed you!, worthy consumer of beauty news and lipsticks, might actually choose between the best and the worst of the crop of fall collections. READ MORE

Beauty items to splurge on

Which beauty items to splurge on!

If you’re a beauty junkie or if you’re a total newbie just dipping your toes into the waters of the makeup world, the question everybody wants answers to is which beauty products to splurge on and on which products you can save your hard earned money. After being a beauty enthusiast for 15+ years I want to share with you what I’ve learned from experience, complete with some brand and product recommendations.READ MORE

MAC Huggable Lipcolours review, swatches, comparisons

MAC Huggable Lipcolours round-up: The meta post (review, swatches, comparisons) of my 11 Huggables

When MAC finally made their Huggable lipsticks perm, my prayers were answered at last. I gushed about them here and here, and they’re still my favourite glossy, moisturizing formula out there. Because the aforementioned posts don’t cover all the Huggables I own, here’re the rest of them for your viewing pleasure, complete with lip swatches and comparisons to the rest of the line-up.READ MORE

Holiday Makeup Collections: The lazy girl’s roundup

Ah, holiday collections! That time in the year when lids are sparkly, eyliner is winged, lips are red and everything exudes glamour. And sameness. And boredom. Or isn’t it? Let’s have a look at this year’s holiday collections and see the must-haves and the not-so-much-must-haves. As always, I try to include brands that are easily available for all our readers all over the world and also tell you about the most unique products, and items on my wish list.READ MORE

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion – review, swatches, dupes

So, I usually hate liquid lipsticks. Especially those that dry matte. Either they dry to a uncomfortable tight layer and suck every bit of moisture out of my lips until they look like raisins, or they leave a gloopy mess that slides around, never settles, and still feels uncomfortable, and still feel drying. Still, I wanted to try out the new EL Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potions. READ MORE

Fall Makeup Collections: The lazy girl’s round-up

Just so that you know beforehand – I love fall, and I love fall makeup collections. It may be because the (usually) rich, earthy colours always suit me, and are colours that I gravitate naturally towards – all those dark reds, jewel tones, and velvety nudes – I just love them and if you handed me some money, I’d buy them in bulk (looking at my stash, I already have) and I’m rather lenient towards fall collections IF they deliver the prettiness. Anyways, here’s our fall round-up – I picked the usual suspects for your reading pleasure, the big names you’ll easily find at counters around the world.READ MORE

Travel makeup – do’s and don’ts (part 1)

It’s a sign of the common makeup addict that we like to peek into other people’s beauty bags, storage systems and hauls. It’s just what we love! As a beauty junkie who loves to travel I’m totally guilty of reading every blog post on the subject of travel makeup, not only because I love to see what other people pack, but also because I completely hate packing my bags, and packing beauty items more than anything. But over the years I came up with the following helpful do’s and don’ts that may help you to pack your own travel beauty kit.READ MORE