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makeup organisation and storage systems

Makeup storage options that’ll help you to use all the products you own

One of my biggest challenges as a makeup junkie is to use all the products I actually own. Yes, I lead a hard life, obviously. My motto is, though, if I own it I should use it, and all my makeup storage solutions centre around that. If I can’t see it, I won’t use it. Simple. Therefore, I try to organise my beauty stash so I’m actually able to see everything when I open drawers and there isn’t a jumble of products inside. Here’s how I do it.


moving with your makeup stash

Moving with your (rather large) makeup stash

At the beginning of the year I was presented with the daunting task to make arrangements for our move from Germany to Shanghai. Moving is always a frightening experience, but moving with your makeup stash to another continent? I was terrified. And here’s what I learned in the process, to help out you all who might someday have to ship their makeup stash halfway around the world, too.READ MORE

Makeup products every girl needs

Makeup products every girl needs (no matter how old you are)

Maybe you’ve never been into makeup. Maybe you weren’t allowed to use makeup until you’re a certain age. Maybe you’ve a job where you should put on some makeup, but haven’t ever done so before. No matter why, we’ve got you covered with some product recommendations that are easy to use and some pointers how to actually use them (and how to decide what product is for you). If you’re still wary of the whole makeup thing, don’t be – the following tips are for you turning into the very best version of yourself! Without further ado, here’re the best makeup products every girl needs!READ MORE

how to remove makeup stains

The only beauty hack you’ll ever need – how to remove makeup stains

Are you as obsessed with beauty hacks as I am? I industriously read every post on them but the thing is – I never ever use them. Maybe I’m just lazy or clinging to my old ways, but some of those so-called hacks just seem so impractical, time-consuming and (dare I say it) unnessecary! There’s one, though, that I use quite often. It’s the only beauty hack you’ll truly ever need – and you will use it! Here’s my trusted hack how to get rid of makeup stains quickly and easily.READ MORE

Beauty news and the best reads in November

Twindlytuesday: May’s ten best articles and blogposts!

There were some excellent articles and blogposts to be read this past month that I want to share with you all and share some linklove! This time, it’s choc-full of beauty: knowledgeable posts from bloggers I admire, photography tricks that fool everyone, men wearing makeup like it’s not a big thing, and what’s and who’s behind those annoying teatox ads on Instagram – there’s something for everybody in there!READ MORE

Skincare hack: how to avoid tacky face

Twindlytuesday: Two skincare hacks to avoid sticky skin!

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate the feeling of product sitting on my face and that tacky feeling that comes with it. Liquid foundation that never settles? Urgh. Face oils that never properly sinks in? Bah. Can’t stand it. And besides, it’s not just that icky sticky feeling – it also stained bed clothes and a rising level of impatience, while I hop impatiently around and waiting for skincare to sink in so I can apply my makeup in the morning, and nobody has time for that! Enough reasons to tackle the sticky face situation once and for all.READ MORE

Glamour Shopping Week 2. – 15. Oktober 2015: Beauty-Angebote und Kauftipps

Wie schon im Frühjahr wollen wir Euch die besten Beauty-Angebote der Glamour-Shopping Week vorstellen. Dieses Mal sind es 20 (!!!) Shops, die alles rund um Makeup und Pflege anbieten (Haare und Ernährung nicht mitgerechnet). Einige sind neu dazugekommen, andere sind dieses Mal nicht dabei, und wieder möchten wir Euch Kauftipps und unsere persönlichen Empfehlungen für die einzelnen Shop zu geben, damit Ihr vom Angebot nicht komplett überwältigt seid. Nicht vergessen: Einige Angebote gelten auch für Österreich und die Schweiz!READ MORE

How to treat brittle, weak or breaking nails

If you have a look at my personal instagram, you might recognise that I’m a bit of a nailpolish junkie. I love the possibilities that polish and nail art give me and it’s also a nice creativity outlet. Astrid recently asked me how I care for my nails and how I prevent them from splintering, peeling and breaking. You wouldn’t believe it from pics, but a few years ago, my nails were a mess. Weak, peeling, breaking off again and again – I was desperate. I tried everything the internet said was useful, but nothing seemed to really help. Finally everything got better when I started the following regime.READ MORE