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Greenery Pantone Color of the Year 2017 makeup

Greenery – Pantone Color of the Year 2017: how to wear it

Every year, Pantone comes out with their Color of the Year. We’ve covered quite a few years already – Marsala, here, and Rose Quartz and Serenity here. This year’s Greenery is quite a challenge for makeup enthusiasts – how am I to wear a spring-y yellow green? Might you ask. And also, Color of the Year. Why should I even care? Short answer: Because Pantone subtly influences your shopping behaviour. Go ahead, scoff and laugh – I’ll prove it to you after the cut! (Also, pretty makeup.)READ MORE

December Beauty Favourites

In addition to our ‘best of 2016’ (find it here), Astrid and I nevertheless wanted to share our accustomed monthly favourites with you. And it has everything! Berries, plums, rosehip, and chocolate and booze! (The last ones might’ve been a lie. But hey, no judgement if you wanna grab some or the other while reading this!)READ MORE

best indie nail polish brands

An Intro to indie polishes – best brands and finishes

After delving into the history of indie nail polishes and answering why you absolutely should try indie nail polishes in the last post here, here’s the second part of my introduction to indie nail polishes. This time, it’s all about the best indie nail polish brands and finishes, and I’ll show you some favourites and latest trends. READ MORE

introduction to indie nail polishes

An intro to indie polishes – beginners’ guide

So you’ve used high-end and high-street nail polishes, you’ve used crèmes, jellies, and the occasional glitter topcoat. But you’re ready to venture out farther, and discover different polishes. Well my friend, you’re ready to enter the realm of indie nail polishes.READ MORE

Three easy Halloween nail art tutorials

Three easy Halloween nail styles anyone can do

No matter if you get regular manis at a salon of your choice or paint your nails yourself on a regular basis, at Halloween you may want to spruce up your regular nude or red. You don’t need to be a nail artist to do that! Here’re three easy Halloween nail art tutorials anyone can do – promise! Plus, you’ll have the supplies for each one already at home!READ MORE

Twindlytuesday: Two picks from the new Spring collections feat. Chanel & YSL

I’ve already told you that I did a sneaky purchase at Douglas in my last blogpost, and I also told you what it was. I went to Douglas for a little pick-me-up and had the YSL nail polish in Peace Green (from their Boho Stones collection) in my basket already when I passed the Chanel counter and saw the Sunkiss Ribbon Blush from LA Sunrise. It was love at first sight. READ MORE

How to make your own nailpolish

Have you ever desperately looked for a specific nail polish colour to match a dress? (Hint: Great for a wedding!) Dreamt of tweaking a polish you own just so? Have looked at pictures of indie polishes and dreamt of making your own? Here’s the conclusive post just to do that – for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels!READ MORE

Beauty abroad – Maui (Hawaii) edition

I spent my honeymoon on Maui, and there were a lot of different things on my mind and on my to-do list during those ten days, with beauty somewhere in the rear. People say that Maui is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and they’re right. So, neither wearing nor buying makeup was very high on my agenda. But beauty stuff has a way of sneaking into my life …READ MORE

How to treat brittle, weak or breaking nails

If you have a look at my personal instagram, you might recognise that I’m a bit of a nailpolish junkie. I love the possibilities that polish and nail art give me and it’s also a nice creativity outlet. Astrid recently asked me how I care for my nails and how I prevent them from splintering, peeling and breaking. You wouldn’t believe it from pics, but a few years ago, my nails were a mess. Weak, peeling, breaking off again and again – I was desperate. I tried everything the internet said was useful, but nothing seemed to really help. Finally everything got better when I started the following regime.READ MORE