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hyped-up products that didn’t work

The thing about reviews – hyped-up products that didn’t work

A beloved YouTube and blog category is the ‘Worth the hype’ tag for about every beauty product imaginable. For every beauty blogger and vlogger influenced hype, there’re again bloggers and vloggers wanting to check said hype. And in the end, it’s up to you what to believe. I want to show you what happened when I was enabled and why things went awry. Follow me on a journey through blogs, vlogs, discussions with friends, and see where Twindly comes into that.READ MORE

the internet made me buy it - hyped products and lessons learned

The internet made me buy it – a story of loves, losses and what you can learn from it

Picture the following scenario: There’s a new beauty product, you’ve seen pictures somewhere (leaked, most probably). Shortly after, every beauty blogger/ vlogger starts to talk about it, you start to see it everywhere, and in the end, everybody and their kitchen sink wants it. Of course, it’s also highly limited and hard to get, you’re standing in line at 6am to get it, pay in inordinate amount of money, and then, finally, you’re one of the little group of people who managed to get said item. Success! Or – not?READ MORE