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November beauty favourites

Neat November beauty favourites

Ufff. It’s December, people! In all the madness of end of the year stuff that happens, as usual, I haven’t been really playing around with makeup as much as I would’ve liked. Nevertheless, my favourites may be basic, but they’re truly great, proving that in many cases, good things come in unassuming packages. (There’s a joke somewhere in that sentence, but I’m tired, in my robe and didn’t have enough coffee yet.) Astrid’s faves, though, bring the proper festive cheer. Anyways: MAC! Holiday collections! A proper gem of a foundation! Sponges?


MAC makeup must-haves

Five (odd and overlooked) MAC favourites!

I’ve a complicated relationship with MAC. Like for many beauty junkies, MAC was my gateway drug (back in the days oft he dinosaurs when it was still relatively cheap for a girl on a budget). Between then and now I got kind of exasperated with their limited editions that drop approximately every five minutes, mediocre products they released and great ones they discontinued. But I still enjoy some old and some new products very much, so much that they’ve become staples in my makeup drawer.READ MORE

The One-Sweep-Wonder: MAC’s new & permanent Extra Dimension Eyeshadows

I haven’t met anybody who didn’t love MAC’s Extra Dimension Eyeshadows (EDES), and thankfully MAC answered our prayers and made 18 shades permanent. From my stash I’ve chosen the ones that are perm now and will give you both swatches and a lot of reasons why those are a great addition to any makeup junkies’ hoard of eyeshadows!READ MORE