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April beauty favourites and favourite hangout places

April beauty favourites

From Germany to Sicily to Shanghai, this month’s favourites cover not only our best-loved and most used beauty products in April, but also both Astrid’s and mine recently discovered favourite spots to hang out in our respective cities!


skincare capsule collection

My skincare capsule collection: a routine for sensitive combo skin

I’m well-known for a certain disdain towards the concept of capsule collections and minimalism. When it comes to skincare, though, I’m a firm believer in both a less is more approach and the capsule concept. It just makes sense – you want to have a skincare regime in which you can combine stuff that works for you, and you don’t want umpteen bottles and pots standing around and going off because you never reached for them. So my approach to skincare is to find stuff that works for me (doh) and products that can be easily combined for the many issues my skin may come up with.READ MORE

Three easy Halloween nail art tutorials

Three easy Halloween nail styles anyone can do

No matter if you get regular manis at a salon of your choice or paint your nails yourself on a regular basis, at Halloween you may want to spruce up your regular nude or red. You don’t need to be a nail artist to do that! Here’re three easy Halloween nail art tutorials anyone can do – promise! Plus, you’ll have the supplies for each one already at home!READ MORE

Makeup products every girl needs

Makeup products every girl needs (no matter how old you are)

Maybe you’ve never been into makeup. Maybe you weren’t allowed to use makeup until you’re a certain age. Maybe you’ve a job where you should put on some makeup, but haven’t ever done so before. No matter why, we’ve got you covered with some product recommendations that are easy to use and some pointers how to actually use them (and how to decide what product is for you). If you’re still wary of the whole makeup thing, don’t be – the following tips are for you turning into the very best version of yourself! Without further ado, here’re the best makeup products every girl needs!READ MORE

Twindlytuesday: Two picks from the new Spring collections feat. Chanel & YSL

I’ve already told you that I did a sneaky purchase at Douglas in my last blogpost, and I also told you what it was. I went to Douglas for a little pick-me-up and had the YSL nail polish in Peace Green (from their Boho Stones collection) in my basket already when I passed the Chanel counter and saw the Sunkiss Ribbon Blush from LA Sunrise. It was love at first sight. READ MORE

Color of the Year 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity (products I found in my stash)

Another year is over, the awesome reign of Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015, Marsala, has come to an end and we’ve got two new reigning beauties, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Whaaaaaaa? Yup. 2016 is the year we’ve gotten two colours of the year at once for the first time. Let’s have a look at the colours, shall we, and I’ll also show you some products from my stash and inspiration to implement the new colours into your looks!READ MORE

My summer face: Makeup products that hold up well during hot days

I don’t know about you, but for me summer’s all fine and dandy until I’ve experience that icky feeling of makeup melting off my face. Europe was recently hit by a proper heat wave – here in Germany we had around 40°C/104F – and while I enjoy this kind of weather while I’m on vacation and lounging at the pool, having to conduct your daily life in this heat was challenging. Especially if you’re loving makeup and can’t think of what makeup to wear during extreme heat.READ MORE