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L'Oreal favourites

Brand favourites – L’Oreal

L’Oreal is one of the biggest beauty companies in the world, with countless brands under their belt, from high-end, to drugstore, to pharmacy brands, to niche. Plus, of course, their own eponymous brand, the one you see everywhere, in every drugstore, in every country. Pulling technology from all their other brands, there’re a lot of absolutely stellar products, but there’re two lines that are generally good, whatever product you try: Base products and mascaras. Let’s have a look at my favourites, shall we?READ MORE

Dupe or not, that’s the question!

Probably that’s the worst case scenario for every beauty junkie – after getting a new and exciting product, you come home and start to play with it and recognizing slowly but surely that you already own something extremely similar by another brand. Even worse – you look at it from every angle in every possible light – but you can’t detect the slightest difference on your skin. And then, the worst case: READ MORE