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Beauty news and the best reads in October

Linklove: My favourite November reads

Agism in the beauty world, what happens when beauty products are discontinued, some Holiday DIYs (you can’t start too early!), and a very down to earth guideline how to start exercising when you’re depressed. Because exercising is good for you and this year has been depressing. If you need cheering up, find out what beauty products you can buy for 1,4 billion dollars. Onwards to my favourite reads in November!READ MORE

Beauty news and the best reads in October

twindlytuesday: December’s ten most interesting articles and blogposts

The articles and blogposts that stood out to me in December. Selfies, Japanese beauty, beating jetlag and more! (I’m sparing you the end-of-the-year posts, but if you want to have a look at what 2016 has in store, look at our blogpost about the new Color of the year here. To see what twindly has in store for you – and there will be a lot of very exciting things – I can’t urge you enough to sign up on our newsletter!)READ MORE

How to make your own nailpolish

Have you ever desperately looked for a specific nail polish colour to match a dress? (Hint: Great for a wedding!) Dreamt of tweaking a polish you own just so? Have looked at pictures of indie polishes and dreamt of making your own? Here’s the conclusive post just to do that – for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels!READ MORE

Beauty hack #1 – pimp your foundation!

One of the best things of being a beauty addict is that it’s never boring. The thing I love most is seeing the innovative and intriguing things companies come out with. I love to see new formulas emerge and I love even more checking them out and testing them. READ MORE