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May beauty favourites

May beauty favourites – and our fave apps!

Hot hot hot! Both the weather and our beauty favourites of the month. (Well, that was cheesy, right? But nevertheless, we’ve some pretty good beauty recs for you!) This month, we also share our favourite apps for well- being and self-care. Now, let’s proceed to all kinds of sunscreen-y goodness, little helpers for your makeup, nailcare essentials and more!READ MORE

April beauty favourites and favourite hangout places

April beauty favourites

From Germany to Sicily to Shanghai, this month’s favourites cover not only our best-loved and most used beauty products in April, but also both Astrid’s and mine recently discovered favourite spots to hang out in our respective cities!


January beauty favourites

January beauty favourites feat. makeup, skincare and perfume!

April is the cruellest month? I always wondered about that sentiment. Can there be a crueller month than January? It’s cold, we had to put the Christmas decoration away and I don’t know about you, but I’m totally broke after the Christmas and sale extravaganza that was December. So, what’s better than an infusion of cheap, colourful and blingy makeup into your life? While this works for me, Astrid is more about the feel-good vibes of amazing skincare and a good perfume. Which camp do you belong to?READ MORE

Spring 2017 makeup collections roundup

The Spring 2017 Makeup Collections: The lazy girl’s round-up

Ah, spring – the time for budding blooms, green leaves, blue skies… not. Cosmetically speaking, spring makeup collections appear before Christmas or, at the latest, in January, and I shake my fist at that. I’m on a self-induced strike not to mention anything spring-y before Christmas on the blog, and really, this week was the earliest opportunity I could drag myself to the laptop to write this thing. At a point in time when my Christmas decoration is still up and I’ve seen the various collections on Instagram a thousand times. Sigh. Let’s get on with it, then, while I’m having a hot chocolate and the world outside is wintery and dreary.READ MORE

Fall 2016 makeup collections

Fall 2016 makeup collections: The lazy girls round-up

I was wondering if this kind of post might be in any way relevant until I read a headline that proclaimed that dark lipsticks are hot for fall. Shocker, I know! And as newsworthy as the fact that Christmas is in December. After that, I decided that this post is absolutely necessary, even if it’ll only show you that there’re indeed a plethora of dark lips in all high-end fall makeup collections, amongst other things. And that you, indeed you!, worthy consumer of beauty news and lipsticks, might actually choose between the best and the worst of the crop of fall collections. READ MORE

Fall Makeup Collections: The lazy girl’s round-up

Just so that you know beforehand – I love fall, and I love fall makeup collections. It may be because the (usually) rich, earthy colours always suit me, and are colours that I gravitate naturally towards – all those dark reds, jewel tones, and velvety nudes – I just love them and if you handed me some money, I’d buy them in bulk (looking at my stash, I already have) and I’m rather lenient towards fall collections IF they deliver the prettiness. Anyways, here’s our fall round-up – I picked the usual suspects for your reading pleasure, the big names you’ll easily find at counters around the world.READ MORE

Summer Makeup Collections 2015: The lazy girl’s guide

Again, we bring you the deeds on all the major new makeup collections – this time for summer 2015. Confused, no time to browse the makeup aisles yourself, or just lazy? Grab a cup of coffee, lean back and let us do the work for you! So let’s have a look at the good, the bad and the somewhat weird that the big summer releases have in store for us!READ MORE

The lazy girl’s guide to the 2015 Spring Collections

Now that most of the spring collections are released let’s have a look at six of them I chose (Chanel, Dior, Guerlain, YSL, Clarins and Nars) and let’s find out what’s new, what’s old and what’s plain boring! Hopefully this post will be your guide through the jungle of releases, because, tbh, we too are overwhelmed when we step into that Douglas or Sephora chock-full of new stuff.READ MORE