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hyped-up products that didn’t work

The thing about reviews – hyped-up products that didn’t work

A beloved YouTube and blog category is the ‘Worth the hype’ tag for about every beauty product imaginable. For every beauty blogger and vlogger influenced hype, there’re again bloggers and vloggers wanting to check said hype. And in the end, it’s up to you what to believe. I want to show you what happened when I was enabled and why things went awry. Follow me on a journey through blogs, vlogs, discussions with friends, and see where Twindly comes into that.READ MORE

Beauty news and best reads in September

Linklove: The best December reads

Holiday season and a kinda depressing 2016, the aftermath of the Gilmore Girls revival, the scent of different cities, the search for the best skincare products – that could very well describe my last weeks, but is actually a description of some of the blog posts and articles I really enjoyed this month and think you might enjoy too. Onwards to the best December reads!READ MORE

Beauty shopping in Singapore

Beauty adventures in Singapore

I love Singapore. It has been dubbed the Asian city for beginners, because for a Western person, it’s incredibly easy to get around. For me, though, it’s the Asian New York City – a melting pot, a financial hub, a touristy mess – topped with a all-year round hot climate, awesome parks and gardens, yummy food and well, the shopping. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the shopping malls and opportunities, and I wouldn’t say that I even scratched the surface of this teeming city. But here’re my favourite spots for beauty shopping in Singapore.READ MORE

April Beauty Favourites

April’s beauty favourites!

Without further ado, here’re Astrid’s and my beauty favourites for the month of April! From old aquaintances to new loves, each of us identified our most used and most loved products, and we think you might like them, too. Have a peek!READ MORE

Glamour Shopping Week – Beauty-Angebote und unsere Kauftipps

Vom 2. bis 11. April ist mal wieder Glamour Shopping Week und für Makeup- und Beauty-Begeisterte sind sage und schreibe 16 Shops dabei. 16! Dabei sind auch Shops, von denen man nicht so viel in der Beautywelt hört und die Marken führen, die eher einen Nischenstatus haben. Daher haben wir ein paar Geheimtipps und einige Must-Haves für Euch zusammengestellt, die man definitiv mal ausprobieren sollte! Also, holt Euch die Glamour mit der Shopping Card um die Rabattcodes und die Karte zu bekommen, und los geht’s! (Einige Angebote gelten übrigens auch in der Schweiz und in Österreich!)READ MORE