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Eye makeup

Am I beautiful?

I guess nobody wakes up everyday and feels they’re beautiful. Media assures us that even supermodels look in their mirrors and find flaws in their beautiful faces, so regular women like you and me are entitled to their struggles with the face and body that looks at us every morning in the mirror. Even sweeter, though, the moments in which we actually feel beautiful, be it because our makeup is on point, our significant other paid us a sweet compliment, or we feel one with the universe during a walk outside, a yoga lesson or meditation. (I want to stress that feeling beautiful has nothing to be whether you’re wearing makeup or not, but this being a beauty blog, I gather that you might wear makeup from time to time!)READ MORE

Review Lisa Eldridge Facepaint

Book review: Lisa Eldridge, Face Paint

That review took me a while, huh? But I guess there’re still people out there who haven’t decided yet if they want to buy the book or not – after all, it’s quite pricey! In it, Lisa Eldridge wants to tell the history of makeup, but also how and why people used (and still use) makeup. She also wants to show how makeup is connected to women’s history and how the products we still use are connected to the past. That’s quite a tall order. Does the book deliver?READ MORE

Be the original! – The Atlas of Beauty project

Diversity is the key to a new understanding of beauty, proposes Mihaela Noroc of ‚The Atlas of Beauty’. As nearly every woman is grappling with the concept of beauty during her lifetime, we had a closer look at Mihaela’s project.READ MORE