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Spring 2018 makeup collections round-up

The lazy girl’s guide: Spring 2018 makeup collections round-up

Or, the attack of the PINK. I realize that the traditional big seasonal limited edition is an endangered animal (all hip and trendy brands come out with themed releases whenever it damn pleases them). Nevertheless, I think we all like the opportunity to see the big brand, luxury releases in one place. So here it is, the Spring 2018 makeup collections round-up, including all the high-end releases with every info and swatches you’ll need to decide what to buy. You’re welcome!READ MORE

Pantone Ultra Violet makeup inspo

Pantone Color of the Year 2018 – Ultra Violet (makeup, nails and hair inspo)

When Pantone announced their Colour of the Year 2018, I cackled with glee. As self-proclaimed trend scout and influencer (Pantone, not me), they really whacked the beauty industry over the head with that one – a beauty industry that couldn’t be further away from a blue-based purple even if they tried. Here’s the Pantone Ultra Violet makeup inspo (and product recs).READ MORE

MAC synthetic brush 217S review

MAC changes its brushes to synthetic ones – review of the new 217S

MAC recently changed the bristles of all their brushes from natural, animal-sourced hair to synthetic fibres. The shape of the brushes we know stay the same, only the bristles change. All new brushes have a S after their serial number on the handle. You’ll see the new brushes at all locations pretty soon. The turnout started in December 2017. When I checked, I recognised that most locations have most new brushes already. Have a look at my MAC synthetic brush 217S review!READ MORE

December beauty favourites

Delightful December beauty favourites

Of course, both Astrid and I both wrote about our 2017 beauty favourites (here and here), but then, I would feel awkward when we’d just left the year without mentioning my favourites for December! And, at the end of the year, I’ve found some surprisingly fabulous ones.READ MORE

Best Beauty Products of 2017

Best of 2017: The Year of Diversity (in Beauty) and Skincare (for me)

Time to put my best of 2017 ! This year the topic of diversity in beauty really gets the momentum and I love it! Much credit goes to Fenty Beauty. I know they are not the first (fact: MAC Studio Fix Plus has 52 shades), but Fenty Beauty is the first one who made this trend mainstream. As for me, I finally know how it feels when a face of a brand is someone who you can connect with, skin tone wise! (fun fact: I wear the same shade of Fenty Beauty foundation with Rihanna!)

This year is also when I started really caring for my skin. Not that I didn’t care before. I wear moisturizers and sunscreens, and I clean my face. I just never really put that much thought into it. That being said, I will never be the one to do a 10 step cleanse and moisture, as long as my skin doesn’t have dry patches and pimples, I am happy.

Without further ado, here are the products that defined 2017 for me.


unusual holiday makeup in 5 mins

Not the usual holiday makeup – glam it up in 5 mins!

Instead of doing the usual holiday look, I wanted to give you something else. Because chances are, you can do the red lip/glittery lids routine in your sleep, and anyways, why not shake it up a bit?! Have a look into my unusual holiday makeup in 5 mins!READ MORE

Indonesian Liquid LIpsticks vs International Brands

Save or Splurge? Indonesian Liquid Lipsticks vs International Brands (Huda Beauty, Kat Von D, Peri Pera, Nyx).

Indonesian liquid lipsticks are definitely on an upward trend. Ever since Dyah Rinni wrote about the liquid lipstick trend in Indonesia, I’ve been itching to try it out myself. Finally, I could try them out when my fellow Indonesian beauty addict came to visit Berlin and bring me some. One I bought per her recommendation, and the other three the courtesy of Deszell.READ MORE