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working together on two continents

The secret to working together successfully – best tips and apps

The twindly team lives literally all around the world. So how do we do it? I’ll tell you our best tips and tricks to work together – on a project, however short- or long-termed – that helped us a lot. These are helpful for all kinds of working situations – if you’re working in a team, are a freelancer, or just trying to find some good apps that’ll help you to stay organised – I’ve covered it all.READ MORE

Eye makeup

Am I beautiful?

I guess nobody wakes up everyday and feels they’re beautiful. Media assures us that even supermodels look in their mirrors and find flaws in their beautiful faces, so regular women like you and me are entitled to their struggles with the face and body that looks at us every morning in the mirror. Even sweeter, though, the moments in which we actually feel beautiful, be it because our makeup is on point, our significant other paid us a sweet compliment, or we feel one with the universe during a walk outside, a yoga lesson or meditation. (I want to stress that feeling beautiful has nothing to be whether you’re wearing makeup or not, but this being a beauty blog, I gather that you might wear makeup from time to time!)READ MORE

25 facts about me

25 facts about me

Hi! I’m Dorit. Nice to meet you! I figured that while Astrid, Twindly’s CEO, is very well known around here, maybe you’re curious about the person who writes a lot of the blogposts – me. Also, I’m nosy myself and love reading these kind of posts (fun fact #1!). So, here’re 25 totally random facts about me. Some are makeup related, some not.READ MORE

Spring glow makeup tutorial

Paola’s makeup tutorial: Spring 2016 trends – peachy and glowy!

As both Astrid and I had a lot on our respective plates during the last weeks (moving to Shanghai on my part), the blog unfortunately had to go and hibernate for a bit. Fortunately though, the lovely Paola from The Beauty Report offered to step in today and has a wonderful spring tutorial for your viewing pleasure. Go out and check her blog for more beauty goodness – you won’t be disappointed!READ MORE

Happy Holidays!

The whole twindly team wishes you happy holidays, whereever in the world you are and whatever you’re celebrating.

Thank you so very much for reading this today. Thank you for being here, reading our posts, following us on social media, interacting with us, believing in us. You are all amazing and wonderful, and you rock our socks.

We are working very hard to make the twindly site live next year, if you are already signed up in twindly, get ready for an invite in the beginning of 2016!

So, we’d like to raise our glasses to you – happy holidays and a very happy 2016! It will be a very exciting and awesome one!


Astrid, Abi, Dorit – the twindly team


Ask the expert: Die Parfum-Ausgabe

In unserer neuen Reihe ‚Ask the expert’ werden wir uns für Euch von Zeit zu Zeit mit Experten zusammensetzten, um sie mit Fragen zu löchern. Wir planen aufregende Themen! Diese Ausgabe befasst sich mit Parfum. Die meisten von uns werden eines tragen, vielleicht auch mehrere Flaschen zu Hause stehen haben, aber ganz ehrlich, zumindest für mich und Astrid ist Parfum immer die vernachlässigte Stiefschwester von Makeup. Wir haben uns deshalb mit Louce  und Ronin von Parfumo getroffen und sie zu allem befragt, was man über Parfum wissen sollte. (Die englische Fassung des Interviews findet Ihr hier!)READ MORE

Ask the expert – the perfume edition

We’ve got a new interview series! We’ll be sitting down with beauty experts to get all the answers for you! Some exciting topics are planned (just sayin!). This edition is all about perfume. Most of us wear it, maybe even have some bottles at home – but for both Astrid and me perfume always comes last behind makeup, skincare, and nailpolish. So we met up with Louce and Ronin from Parfumo and asked a lot of questions about perfume and things a perfume newbie should know. (Find the interview in German here!)READ MORE

Twindlytuesday: Three team members, one city

The weekend of November 15th was a really remarkable occurrence for twindly – the first meeting of all team members in person in Frankfurt. And we did what all start-ups do at meetings – brainstorming, working, having awesome food and getting some crazy team fun.READ MORE

Twindlytuesday… two favourite looks!

Last week something really unusual happened – Astrid and I met in person to plan things for twindly, catch up and geek out about makeup. While we do that all the time via skype and various messenger apps, it’s really rare for us to meet in person, because we live quite far away from each other. So, what could be more fun than doing our makeup together and going for something really different that what we’re normally doing, we thought. What did we do then?!READ MORE