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working together on two continents

The secret to working together successfully – best tips and apps

The twindly team lives literally all around the world. So how do we do it? I’ll tell you our best tips and tricks to work together – on a project, however short- or long-termed – that helped us a lot. These are helpful for all kinds of working situations – if you’re working in a team, are a freelancer, or just trying to find some good apps that’ll help you to stay organised – I’ve covered it all.READ MORE

Wired Germany and twindly Giveaways

We’re on Wired Germany (and Having Giveaways) !

How are you doing? I hope you’re doing incredibly well this year so far (despite all the 2016 turbulence).

Astrid here, and I’m sending you greetings on behalf of the whole twindly team! I’ve been somewhat quiet on the blog, partially because Dorit has been doing such a great job on it, but also because we are cooking up some great stuff for 2017!READ MORE

what makeup should you wear when pitching

What makeup should you wear when you’re pitching?

For our female entrepreneur series, we want to tackle a question that must have popped up on a female founders’ mind at one point: What makeup should I wear to pitches? What should I wear if I’ve to give a talk somewhere? Wouldn’t it be easy not to think about that at all? That’s why we have some tips for you!


What makes you feel beautiful? Female entrepreneur series

What Makes You Feel Beautiful: Female Entrepreneur Series

If you have been following us on instagram or facebook for a while, you probably know already that are doing the series on What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

It started as a 100 day project back in April and supposed to end in July, but we decided to keep it going! Because, who doesn’t love an insight to a beautiful feeling, and a peek to someone else’s holy grail products, right?

We’ve also put the project right on this blog, click on the top menu on what makes you beautiful or click here!

If this rings true to you, and you’d like to participate, please fill in this form.


Recreating Beauty Campaign Series: Spring 2016 (Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, and Chanel)

Maggie Cappelletti (founder of Clubelle) and I (Astrid, founder of twindly) are doing a series collaboration projects where we take a prominent look from a beauty brand and recreate it ourselves. The aim is to showcase how the looks would differ for different skin tones and face types. We were curious on how far we could do it without the fancy equipment, and supermodel looks.

True, we are not newbies, Maggie is a professional makeup artist and I am a self confessed beauty junkie. We do have a decent photography equipment (a tripod, Canon EOS 700D & Olympus EM-10). Plus, lots and lots of creativity and fun spirits!

To start the project, we chose three looks representing the Spring 2016 collection from major brands. For us, Spring colors are one of the most challenging color schemes, usually because it’s so pastel and cool (opposite-warm cool, that is). That’s usually not the most flattering colors on us. On that note, we chose some not-so-common color schemes for spring as well and have a bit of everything. Intrigued? Let’s go!


Beauty Related Facebook Interests (and Some Funny Facts)

While one might argue that not everyone uses Facebook and not all beauty related talks take place in Facebook, it is still an interesting source of data with over 1.4 billion active users. As a data geek myself, I couldn’t wait to feast my eyes to the possibilities of what this information might be useful for. For a start, do you ever wonder what is the most popular beauty brands? Or what are the things people care about? Read on!  

Earlier today I came across this article in the Verge magazine, about The Definitive List of What Everyone Likes on Facebook. They are also very kind to share the exhaustive list 282.001 interest items through the link you can find at their article.

The story is, just recently (Jan 2016) Facebook released their huge data of its users’ interests as part of their Audience Optimization. The idea is to help publishers target audience on Facebook based on their interests.READ MORE

Happy Holidays!

The whole twindly team wishes you happy holidays, whereever in the world you are and whatever you’re celebrating.

Thank you so very much for reading this today. Thank you for being here, reading our posts, following us on social media, interacting with us, believing in us. You are all amazing and wonderful, and you rock our socks.

We are working very hard to make the twindly site live next year, if you are already signed up in twindly, get ready for an invite in the beginning of 2016!

So, we’d like to raise our glasses to you – happy holidays and a very happy 2016! It will be a very exciting and awesome one!


Astrid, Abi, Dorit – the twindly team


Twindlytuesday: Three team members, one city

The weekend of November 15th was a really remarkable occurrence for twindly – the first meeting of all team members in person in Frankfurt. And we did what all start-ups do at meetings – brainstorming, working, having awesome food and getting some crazy team fun.READ MORE

Twindlytuesday… two favourite looks!

Last week something really unusual happened – Astrid and I met in person to plan things for twindly, catch up and geek out about makeup. While we do that all the time via skype and various messenger apps, it’s really rare for us to meet in person, because we live quite far away from each other. So, what could be more fun than doing our makeup together and going for something really different that what we’re normally doing, we thought. What did we do then?!READ MORE