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Monica Zaldivar

Monica Zaldivar


Monica Zaldivar @smonicats 32 years old, Berlin lover and mobile app addict.


What makes you feel beautiful?

Whenever my hair looks good, that is basically all I need! The fact that my hair is the first thing people notice about me makes it a bit the source of all my pride and insecurities. I used to hate my hair, but now that I lost quite some, I finally could tame it 😀


What are your favorite beauty products?

👉For my hair the best conditioner I found is the coconut one from Boots. I used to spend a lot in Kérastase products until in one trip to London I tested the Boots Fresh & Nutty Coconut Shampoo.
I know that the Boots one is not the most eco-friendly and maybe it damages somehow my hair but I’ve tried all the bio vegan shampoos and conditioners available in Germany and none satisfied me. The closest I get to the Boots effect is Schauma Coconut.
I’ve also tried oiling my hair and skin with coconut oil but that also didn’t got the effect I was looking for…

👉Another important point for me are my lips and my skin. I don’t wear makeup but it’s very important for me to keep my big lips hydrated and my mixed skin clean and soft. For my lips I go with Vaseline Rosy Lips and for my skin I almost only use the Clinique 3 step routine.


July 14, 2016


What Makes You Feel Beautiful?