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Anna (@makeupbyhoni), 28 years old and from Sweden.

I have lived in Denmark for the past 7+ years and have been beauty blogging ( since 2010. I have always been interested in anything creative (Theatre, art etc.) and ended up within the beauty industry on a little bit of a whim. My greatest weakness is pretty packaging and eyeshadows.


What makes you feel beautiful?

✨ I have always been a big fan of bright colors, and to this day a fun bright
lipstick always cheers me up and makes me feel beautiful. Anything from a
classic red to a neon pink is up my alley (And lets not forget about the


What are my 3 favorite beauty products?

As a beautyblogger this list always changes, but these three are my true
and tested ride or die products that never let me down. Omega eyeshadow is
a great all-in-one color for me, works for contouring, eyeshadows and
brows. For nails I tend to go for purple, China Glaze Electric Lilac is a
gorgeous glittery purple that works year round. I love brows, and my
current favorite is L’Oreals Brow Artist Plumper, a type of brow mascara
with fibers in it. It provides the perfect color and fullness for my taste.


July 21, 2016


What Makes You Feel Beautiful?