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Alexandra (Instagram @alexandra.paun), 28 years old, business manager.

I use data to shape better products.

What makes you feel beautiful?

✨ I associate beauty with a state of mind – being happy and content with life. Good vibes make a person beautiful in my eyes. A day out and about with friends, a glass of white wine on a summer afternoon are things that make me happy.
✨ If I’m having a dull day a swipe of red lipstick is an easy, instant pick me up.

What are your 3 favourite beauty products?

I like the look of bare skin so most of my beauty products are skin care.
💕 Pixi glow tonic has done wonders for my skin and for my skin and totally worth the hype in my eyes.
💕 I wear sunscreen everyday and this one by La Roche Posay is light and absorbs quickly. It doesn’t leave a shine so i can leave the house without applying powder or foundation on top.
💕 I love the Estee Lauder lipstick as it’s moisturising, sheer and I can apply it without a mirror.


July 16, 2016


What Makes You Feel Beautiful?