So I went to the newly opened Chanel beauty boutique in Berlin last week, intrigued by the Spring roundup post, saw the Chanel Spring 2018 collection, and despite my best intention not to get anything, I caved. Precisely to which and why and what do I think of them? Read on.

Chanel Ombre Premiere Verderame

Chanel Ombre Premiere Verderama
Chanel Ombre Premiere 824 Verderame

This was my first pick of the bunch. I was sure I’m going to love the eyeshadow palette, but nope. I fell in love with the Ombre Premiere Verderame.


Chanel Ombre Premiere Verderama comparison swatch
Chanel Ombre Premiere Verderame comparison swatch (L-R): MAC Odalisque (teal), Chanel Verderame (applied with brush), Chanel Verderame (applied with fingers), green eyeshadow from Chanel Codes Subtils.

It was such a gorgeous teal-green-grey eyeshadow, and I’ve such weakness of these multi-faceted colors. I knew I did not have a color like this in my stash, I did like the texture of the Ombre Premiere, the only thing left is I was just very certain that this color would suit me.


I love it. It stayed on the whole day. The color played well with peachy gold and rose gold (unsurprisingly). It’s a very easy smokey eye look without so much effort. As a plus side, I can give it a playful side with a green mascara. It could look very soft and sweet with a pinky/rosy coral lips.

Chanel Verderama with green mascara
Chanel Verderame with green mascara MAC Sweaty Betty


Yes. Love it. Get it if you love the color! It might be not a traditional spring color, but if your spring is like Berlin spring (most likely still grey and cold), then it’s a perfect transition color AND a spring color. Also, check out how it looks on Vanessa Kirby at the SAG awards here.


Chanel Le Vernis Giallo Napoli

Chanel Nail Polish Giallo Napoli
Chanel Nail Polish Giallo Napoli

Let me say this: I love yellow nail polish. Only so far I found the texture of yellow nail polishes are always so disappointing (I’ve tried a few from a drugstore brand, an indie brand, to a higher-end brand). So when I saw this, I want it but I’m also super skeptical.

It turned out to be the second pick of the bunch, a close call from the other nail polish.


After looking at some reviews, not finding one which said “streaky”, a good nod from Eleni who had purchased it earlier, I took the plunge (despite the trickiness of yellow).


OMG. Yes. The texture is a little bit too creamy, which meant it needed more than one layer to apply evenly (and I’m the lazy bunch here). BUT luckily every single layer still looks so shiny and gorgeous. Perfect color for me. I could totally see myself wearing it every single time I need a pick-me-up yellow.

Chanel Giallo Napoli Nail Polish
Chanel 592 Giallo Napoli Nail Polish


YES. Many times YES. Fingers crossed it’s not a limited edition until I find an even better version of it because I LOVE the color. It’s the perfect warm yellow that’s not too tacky. I could see it looking great on warm skin tones for sure. For comparisons on other Chanel yellows from the previous collection, check this blog here (in German, but you see pictures!)

Chanel Lip Balm and Powder Duo Rosso Pompeiano


I think I got this because the lady at Chanel did a great job selling it to me (and it’s not a bad thing).


Because this is not a traditional product. It’s a two steps product. One is a lip balm, and the other is a lip powder. Basically everytime you apply them, you need a clean finger or a sophisticated environment (making sure you can open the plastic lid, take out the brush and the powder).

She managed to convince me that it’s a great multitasking product: balm could be used for the lips and cuticles (although I’m not sure I’d want to waste the balm on my cuticles ~ I have other cheaper products for that) and the powder can be used for the lips, cheek, and even as eyeshadows (I’ve yet to check if it’s eye-safe). It is also in a color that instantly refreshes my complexion.

Chanel Rosso Pompeiano Swatch L-R: Lightly without balm, lightly with balm, heavily (using the applicator) with balm, heavily without balm.
Chanel Lip & Balm Powder Duo 410 Rosso Pompeiano Swatch L-R: Lightly without balm, lightly with balm, heavily (using the applicator) with balm, heavily without balm.


The color is beautiful, there’s no denying in that. When applied lightly, it gave that subtle hint of color to the lips without the excessive shine. It’s just giving the perception of a healthy looking lips (talking about makeup that doesn’t look like makeup).

Wearing Chanel Rosso Pompeiano lightly on the lips
Wearing Chanel Rosso Pompeiano lightly on the lips

It also works beautifully as a blush, making it an excellent small but multi-tasker color.

Chanel Rosso Pompeiano as blush (and lips)
Chanel Rosso Pompeiano as blush (and lips)

When you apply the color heavily (the sponge applicator is excellent for that), it has this matte finish that is very sophisticated. Chanel sophisticated. Which makes it perfect when you need that day to night transformation but you only want to bring one color.

Chanel Rosso Pompeiano in full effect
Chanel Rosso Pompeiano in full effect

There’s no doubt in the versatility and ease of playing with the color intensity of this palette. This is definitely a very nice romantic weekend – minimal carry on – palette.


What I love about this is how different it feels. In the sea of mediocre inventions, kudos for Chanel to put out such a different piece.

What I’m not too crazy about, I found the balm is not moisturizing enough. I mean, I don’t mind lipstick that’s not moisturizing, but this was supposed to be a lip balm, and yet my lips would still feel dry after a while.

Another thing is, this product has that high maintenance feel. It’s like a pair of good-looking stilettos, you don’t expect to be wearing them hiking at all. Well, in order to reapply this, you need a calm environment, because of the plastic lid on top of the balm/powder duo. Also, you might need a brush so you need both hands when applying. On the plus side, you’d be doing it with a Chanel compact ;).

So far, I’m happy with the purchase. I think it’s a great multi-tasking product to have if you love the color, a Chanel fan, and don’t mind high maintenance products.

Chanel Verderama Ombre Premiere, Chanel Rosso Pompeiano, Chanel Giallo Napoli all together now!
Chanel Verderame Ombre Premiere, Chanel Rosso Pompeiano, Chanel Giallo Napoli all together now!

Thoughts on Other Products in The Chanel Spring 2018 Collection

Despite all the talk about the gorgeous 9-eyeshadow-palette, Affresco, I could not bring myself to get it. It is beautiful, but it doesn’t translate so well on my skin tone. I’d probably use a few of the shades, and the paler shades would just be meh on me. So I’ll pass.

I might come back for both of the Stylo Yeux Waterproof eyeliner (Nero Vulcanico and Mare-Chiaro). Both of them are gorgeous colors! Nero Vulcanico looks so much like my beloved liner MAC Polished Jet, so I will get it at some point (Chanel website didn’t say it’s LE).

The other nail polishes, the green-teal Verde Pastillo is gorgeous as well. Unfortunately, I have another color just like that, so I’ll pass. Same thing with the orange-red Arancio Vibrante.

Other lip products I can safely pass. The blue gloss is interesting but will I ever need to cool off my lip color? Not very likely. The other ones are kinda snooze-fest for my skin tone.

Are you picking up something from this collection? Do tell!


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