Come for the beauty news, stay for some deeper thoughts. And we have an excellent variety of both: Rose Gold palettes! Cheaper skincare! Diversity! Feminism! Food! Read on for Beauty news and the best reads in January!

Beauty news around the world

Ulta supposedly has sold used makeup items. (Musings of a Muse)

CVS plans to use unretouched ads in the future. (Glamour)

US-drugstore brand Hard Candy plans to trademark #metoo – That doesn’t seem like a good idea… (Allure)

ColourPop launches ‘proper’ lipsticks! In bullets! With stars! (Am I the only one who wants to ask “but why!”?)

ColourPop launches lipstick

New ‘rose gold’ Anastasia Beverly Hills palette leaks, to the furious reaction of ABH. (TeenVogue)

The UK finally bans microbeads. In related news – scientists found microplastic in Fleur de Sel.  – Maybe we want to think about using stuff with microplastic in it?! (BritishBeautyBlogger & Der Spiegel)

The Ordinary will come out with a Mandelic Acid serum, and some other exciting new stuff (sun care! Colour cosmetics!). In other news, Deciem lowered the price of their Vit C serum – it’s now 40% cheaper – and says because of their success (and exposure, ahem) they can negotiate cheaper prices with suppliers. (The serum is still pricey, though.) (Allure)

Vlada Haggarty is the MUA that came up with the iconic image of a lip dripping with liquid metal. Now she sues MUFE because they stole it. – Not cool, MUFE, not cool. (TeenVogue)

Germany will get two Deciem counters in Munich! Exciting! (There’s already one at Parfümerie Mußler in Stuttgart.) (The Original Copy)


Beauty topics


Cara Delevigne is the face of Dior’s new anti-aging range. Cara is 25. And that pisses me off. It’s not only the fact that Dior is telling young women to be afraid of aging. It’s more that I, a 40-year-old skincare junkie, is presented with Cara friggin’ Delevigne in an ad for a skincare range that might be potentially interesting to me. I didn’t even look like CD when I was 25, damn it. How about choosing an age-appropriate model, Dior? I don’t even know why this is an innovative thought for beauty brands. (Fashionista)

Aaaaand while we’re at it, have a look at Tarte’s new foundation and its shade range. About 13 shades are fair to medium-toned, three are dark. I can’t help but wonder who at Tarte HQ thought this would be a great idea right now when we celebrate brands for putting out a diverse shade range. (Temptalia)

I always find it fascinating when we get a glimpse behind the scenes of beauty brands, and here (YouTube) is beloved K-Beauty Youtuber Liah Yoo talking about the process of coming up with her own beauty brand, Krave Beauty. (Needless to say, I’m dying to test her products.)

I brought this up a few month back – do you think luxury brands have some kind of placebo effect so you like them more, just for their image and packaging? The founder of Beauty Pie weighs in. (Allure)

A lot of beauty releases for 2018 here – although the editors of Revelist seem to be huge Kat von D fans, as most are from her brand.

And in other news, Glossier founder Emily Weiss thinks that her customers aren’t interested in skincare ingredients. (This one makes me either want to laugh or throw things against a wall in desperation. But then, it’s quite on brand – after all, they got famous for their packaging and insta.) (Imabeautygeek)


Life, love and everything else


Why we need a new dating culture. (Feminist Current)

Related to that – have you ever thought about how different is the perception of ‘bad’ sex? Men mean something totally different than women by that. If you read only one article this month, make it this one. Really, I can’t stress that enough. It touches on beliefs that are deeply ingrained in women. Let me quote: “At every turn, women are taught that how someone reacts to them does more to establish their goodness and worth than anything they themselves might feel.” Sounds familiar?! Read the whole piece. (The Week)

The Fug Girls (whose site and books I love) were interviewed before the Golden Globes took place. Mainly they spoke about the power of fashion and how it’s possible to like ‘frivolous’ stuff, and at the same time have deeper thoughts and interests. Seems obvious, but for many it apparently isn’t. (Vox)

This is heart-breaking – a young writer shares which clothes she wore for months after she reported a staff member of her university for sexual harassment and what were her thoughts behind each outfit she chose. (NY Times)

If you’re living alone, and that drags you down (we all have been there) – have a read and feel better! (Girl of a Certain Age)

If you ever find yourself in The Netherlands, try these foods! (Travelettes)


On the blog

Pantone Ultra Violet makeup inspo


We had quite an eclectic mix in January – from Colour of the Year makeup inspo (or, how to wear Ultra Violet), our beloved Lazy Girl’s Round-up in which we dissected the Spring makeup collections, and Astrid shared her picks from Chanel’s Spring offerings. MAC replaced their natural hair brushes with synthetic ones, and we tested the new 217S, and we also raved about The Ordinary’s liquid face mask here.

If you’ve any questions about getting a bikini wax, chances are we answered them. Also, if you were wondering whether the super expensive Dyson hairdryer is worth shilling out an obscene amount of money, read our review on it! On to the next month!


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