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The most afforadable skincare brand now at Sephora, artificial skin, what to do on a layover in Dubai, how skincare is self-care, and how Missha screwed up.
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Beauty news and the best reads in November

Beauty news and the best reads in December

For your reading pleasure during that weird time of the year when everything is rushing towards NYE and at the same time seems to slow down. The most important beauty news, innovations, and interesting reads. I mean, artificial skin, Dubai, and the most afforable skincare brand at Sephora, with some sprinkles of feminism and K-Beauty. Dive into the Beauty news and the best reads in December!

Beauty News

The Ordinary is now available at Sephora (US) (via Allure)

The Ordinary at Sephora

The Ordinary is now available at Sephora (US)

Too Faced has opened a flagship store in London (UK) (via Cosmopolitan)

MAC has announced their new Viva Glam cooperation with singer Sia, and controversy ensues.

A pretty big deal about mandatory testing on animals in China: There’s now a non-animal-testing laboratory that tests cosmetics on artificial skin. (via iivs)

If you’ve ordered stuff at Missha US during Black Friday, check your bank statements – it’s looks like their site was hacked. (via Fanserviced)


Viseart Petit Pro review

A rather creepy article how cosmetic surgeries have surged in the advent of selfies, filters, and social media. For China, that happened when mobile phones came with integrated filters and people became obsessed with self-modification and looking like social media stars. (via The New Yorker)

Big cooperations like L’Oreal, P&G and Johnson & Johnson all donate unsold products to charity in the UK. (via Sky)

I bet you’ve done it too: Bought beauty products because of their packaging. Bustle looks into the question why.

How skincare became a coping mechanism in 2017 for one young writer. Or, why you can care for yourself and call yourself a feminist. (via The New Yorker)

Tony Moly is the Korean brand most Western beauty aficionados know – but Koreans actually think it’s crap. So is it good or not?! (via Nylon)

How sleep, sugar, and sex affect your skin. Experts explain how external stuff might affect your skin, and I gather that might be of interest to you, too. (via Glamour)


Life, love and everything else

September linklove

Thinness and the privilege it gives. (via Allure)

What to do during a layover in Dubai. (via Travelettes)

Author Gillian Flynn (of Gone Girl fame) wonders how the upbringing of both sons and daughters might change the world – just in how they perceive and value women. (via Time)

Are you watching any TV shows? Here’s an interesting take on ‘Outlander’ – how the show created its own kind of superfan. (via Town & Country)


On the blog

I tackled a rather broad topic – I had to come up with a 20s makeup look and looked into historical sources and then adapted what I found to my own style. If you like the roaring 20s, Great Gatsby look, this one is for you. Astrid compared oodles of liquid lipsticks – especially how Indonesian brands compare to international ones. After seeing her review, I’m thinking of placing an order – they’re gorgeous!

If you’re a brush lover, I compared two great ones, from Sephora and real techniques, proving that good quality doesn’t have to be expensive. The perfect look for holiday and NYE parties, here! And then, of course, both Astrid’s and my retrospective of 2017 in beauty. Have a look!


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