The most important stuff that happened in the beauty industry, brilliant blogposts and eye-opening articles: The truth about reviews! Your perfect lipstick! Urban myths! Outlet malls! Mormons?! Let’s jump right in!

Beauty News


NYX opens various counters in dm.

NYX dm Deutschland

Too Faced opens a counter in Germany’s biggest Douglas in Frankfurt (Zeil).

Too Faced Counter Frankfurt



Illamasqua was sold to the Hut Group. (The Telegraph)

It’s complicated: Dove had to pull an ad because of its racist implications. Read the interview with their campaign model. (The Guardian)

Japanese brand Three (I’ve written before about it here) is now available in Singapore!



Hashtag your Instagram pictures right, or they will belong to someone else. Read this post. And don’t give your pics away needlessly with just one hashtag. (British Beauty Blogger)

Ever wondered if the reviews you read on Amazon, Sephora etc. are the real deal? (Racked)

Caroline Hirons pointed out (correctly so!) how ridiculous it is that brands use 20-year-olds to promote skincare for woman over 30 and upwards, and how invisible older women are that are interested in makeup.

Urban myths that will not die: You won’t eat four pounds of lipstick in your lifetime. (I’m a Beautygeek)

How to read an ingredient list (skincare) – very helpful and thorough, even if I’m not on her page when it comes to mineral oil, parabens and silicones. Always decide for yourself! (The Beauty Editor)

There’s a new service that will create the perfect lipstick for you. (TeenVogue)

best beauty reads in October


Life, love and everything else

The Notice tries on a harness and I couldn’t love her writing more, because it’s not about the harness, but about how one’s view of oneself can be changed.

What kind of clothing items end up in an outlet mall? Newsflash: Not the ones you think. (Racked)

The huge business that are essential oils, anxiety, and pyramid schemes. (The New Yorker)

Kinda related to that: Why so many beauty bloggers, vloggers and IGers are Mormons. It’s worth a read, and a think: Why are we so susceptible to those perfect world pics? (Allure)

Heartbreaking: When everything falls apart – how midlife crises hit Gen X. (Oprah)

On the blog

Astrid tested her new Fenty Beauty products really, really thoroughly for a month (part 1, part 2). (Spoiler – she’s a fan.) We also covered everything from the Holiday releases that you need to know here in our super-popular round-up. What to do when you’re suffering from hormonal acne outbreaks is here, and my best chill-out hacks when shit hits the fan and no hot bath in the world will calm you is here. Onto the next month!


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