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Beauty news and best reads in September - Rihanna, Bobbi Brown, L'Oreal and Illamasqua, but also travel hacks and why beauty is political.
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Beauty news and the best reads in November

Beauty news and best reads in September

See what happened in Beauty worldwide this month, and get answers to some highly important questions. (When should I ditch my beautyblender? How not to get sick when flying? How to look good in pics? Should I travel to a third world country? Is fashion political?)

Beauty News

Rihanna’s beauty line Fenty Beauty has dropped, and it’s amazing for its inclusiveness (40 shades of foundation!!!) and has generally gotten nice reviews (Karen, here; Christine, here). It’s also vegan and cruelty-free, yay! If you’re in Europe – Sephora France or Harvey Nichols carries it. Here’re some reviews in posts and videos I enjoyed: Karima (YouTube) and pics of all foundation shades (PopSugar).

Lo and behold, Nars is coming back to Germany!!!!!!!! (Counter Oberpollinger München)

In Germany, Sephora opens in Frankfurt and Heidelberg.

dm now carries Missha.

dm missha

dm now carries Missha!

Glossier will come to Paris (France).

Glossier store in Paris

Glossier at Colette, Paris

All Proctor & Gamble brands will declare the exact fragrance ingredients in their products. Very useful if you’re sensitive to certain fragrance ingredients!

Munroe Bergdorf was became L’Oreal’s first trans spokesperson and then was fired over her remarks about Charlottesville. Here’s a round-up. Oh, and she now is a spokesperson for Illamasqua! (Via TeenVogue)



Smashbox has come out with a silicone sponge that mimics your fingers. I’m intrigued. (Via Glamour)

There’s a beauty company from New Zealand that acts like a personalised prescription service for your skin and hair concerns. You fill out a questionnaire, they recommend the most suitable products for you. I’m intrigued again! (Via Hello Giggles)

Bobbi Brown releases a line of cheap(ish) lipsticks. Looking good (swatches)! (Allure and British Beauty Blogger)

Bacteria in sponges. This article is making me nervous and ready to ditch all my older Beautyblenders… (The NY Times)



Travel news and hacks

Is it ethical to vacation in a luxury resort – in a third world country? Complete with numbers and stats, and newsflash, if you know those annoying people who answer that question with ‘tourism helps the people!’, make them read this. It’s not that easy!!!! (Via TheConservation)

Travel secrets from flight attendants. Really, they don’t wash the blankets?!??!! Ughhh! (Via Fashionbeans)

They say that it’s better you spent your money not on things but memories. But hasn’t travel become a thing that can be consumed? Is it? (Via Travelettes)

Life, love and everything else

September linklove

The dichotomy of seeing thin women consume fast food, and why women can’t win as long as every Dick and Harry has an opinion about a woman’s body (and we heed that opinion). (Via NY Times)

Mental health: A very worthy read (that falls a bit short in discussing conclusions and possible treatments in the end) about millenials that are highly functioning in everyday life, but suffer from anxiety. (Via Refinery29)

How to look better in photos. I mean, why not? Doesn’t it all please us to see the best version of ourselves in a pic? (Via Purewow)

Fashion is political. And in the same vein, beauty is too, and it’s totally possible to be interested in multiple things, say lipstick and climate change, or shoes and gun control, or handbags and woman’s rights. (TeenVogue)


On the blog

I dabbled in haircare (I’m a total idiot when it comes to hair, so that’s something!), Astrid shared her summer holy grail skincare routine and how she fared with three very famous blush palettes. Speaking of palettes, I compared three warm-toned eyeshadow palettes and found one for everybody! Also, you should definitely look into cushions if you don’t dig that feeling of heavy foundation on your skin. And finally, why some highly raved about beauty products might not work for you.


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