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Live-saving products for fine and frizzy hair in humid weather. How to combat frizz, get some volume and rock easy, beachy waves!
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fine and frizzy hair in humid weather

Fine and frizzy hair in humid weather – life-saving products

I’m an idiot when it comes to hair. No, really. A topknot is the height of styles I manage to do on my own, maaayyyyyybe on a good day I manage some curls with my Babyliss Curl Secret. On a good day, mind you. On a bad day I set some strands on fire (true story!). So imagine my surprise when I found some products and techniques that tamed my frizzy hair this summer.

What I learned this summer – hair edition

Basically, I don’t do anything with my hair. Which is fine, most of the time, but that changed when I moved to another continent with another climate. And we had frizz central. Not just some flyaways, but in the humid weather here in Shanghai, I looked like a crazy muppet. Not cute. Clearly, something had to be done. In came the following products, and when I think about how long it took me to find a great moisturizer for my face, I’ve been incredibly lucky in my hair product adventures. I found three great products for fine and frizzy hair in humid weather!

A quick word about my hair – fine, slightly wavey, colour-treated, a bit longer than shoulder-length. I always wash my hair with Lush Fairly Traded Honey for… reasons? It smells nice, and my scalp tolerates it well. It washes out my colour every time I use it, but whatevs. To save my purple hair another rinsing session, I don’t use conditioner that I have to wash off regularly. I usually use some kind of leave-in treatment.


Living proof – frizz leave-in conditioner

Living proof no frizz leave-in conditioner review

First step on the road to non-frizzy, easy waves – Living proof no frizz leave-in conditioner

Living proof frizz leave-in conditioner is something else, though (I paid around 24$ for the 118ml bottle). I use a small dollop (think a big hazelnut) and work it into my damp hair. Then I go about and do some other stuff with my face and body (moisturizing…) and then proceed to brush my hair with a tangle teezer. Living proof promises that the conditioner ‘detangles, smoothes and tames frizzy, unmanageable hair’. Well, it does. It’s a thick white cream that smells a bit like gummy candy – sweet, but sour at the same time. I don’t find it overpowering at all, and I’m quite sensitive to scents. On my hair, the effect lasts (with the products mentioned below) for two days. TWO! I honestly didn’t think this would work well, but it does. Even when I don’t blow-dry my hair but just let it air-dry.

bumble & bumble – Don’t blow it – Fine (H)Air Styler

products for fine and frizzy hair in humid weather

Second step – add a dollop of bumble & bumble Don’t blow it to towel-dry hair.

Speaking of letting hair air-dry… That’s where the next product comes in, the bumble & bumble Don’t blow it – Fine (H)Air Styler (I paid 29,50€). When it’s hot outside (and inside, consequently), I don’t like to blast my head with additional hot air and I just let my hair air-dry, no matter what. bumble & bumble promises ‘great hair days, without the heat or hassle … This first of its kind crème enhances texture and body with a soft, product-free feel for your perfect air-dried style’. So, basically, this is a styling cream for the perfect beachy waves, perfect, because they don’t have that crunchy or weirdly dull texture that a regular salt spray would give you. I use again a hazelnut-sized dollop of the white cream that has that ‘clean laundry’ scent, work it through my strands, put all my hair into a topknot and let it dry. When I loosen it up, perfect beach-waves! You can tousle it up for the perfect beachy style, or you can, as I do, brush it out and enjoy pretty waves.


big sexy hair – Get layered

big sexy hair get layered review

Sexxxxxyyyyyy – to set my beachy waves I use big sexy hair get layered for an extra boost of volume

To give my hair a bit of hold and some additional volume I set the whole thing with big sexy hair Get layered, which is a ‘flash dry thickening hairspray’ (around 11$). Like the most new thickening hairsprays, its purpose is twofold – you get the hold of a regular hairspray and the thickening, volumising action on top of that. I think it plays really well together with the beachy vibe that the bumble & bumble product gives me. More importantly, it sets the non frizzy waves, and can I say again that my hair still looks wavey and non frizzy and volumised the next morning when I give it a quick brush-through? Win all around.


The only negative point in this accolade is the price of these products. Non of them are cheap, in fact all of them are more expensive than I’d ever thought reasonable to spend on hair products before. But I still think, in the end, it’s totally worth it. I’ll guess these products work well in any humid weather, be it hot or cold. I’ll find out in the winter (omygosh when it’s cold and humid over here. Heeeeeelp!).


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