The most exciting beauty news and releases, and some truly great articles – from how to layer your skincare products correctly to a sunscreen scandal, the reality of beauty brands branching out to China, to the greatest packing tips for a carry-on, anti-feminist beauty products and the history of the colour nude! Oh yeah, and how to be become an Instagram influencer with 1000$. Easypeasy!


ColourPop will be available at select locations at Sephora stores in the US. (Temptalia)

Ex-Supermodel Claudia Schiffer developed a makeup line with Artdeco. – The products don’t seem… very exciting? (Via Lisa Eldridge)

Claudia Schiffer makeup
Claudia Schiffer’s new makeup line with Artdeco

Johnson & Johnson lost a lawsuit over their baby powder. (PSA: Don’t use it continuously on your genitals.) (Allure)

Cosrx is now available at Urban Outfitters in the US (so jealous, you guys!).

cosrx available in the US
cosrx now at Urban Outfitters in the US.

In Hamburg (Germany) the third German Sephora counter will open at the end of the month.

Sephora Neueröffnung in Deutschland
Sephora in Hamburg (Deutschland)

MAC Germany is now available at Müller (online).

Makeup artist Pat McGrath will release a permanent makeup collection (available at Sephora). (Via Elle)

Ballerina Misty Copeland is now Estée Lauder’s new spokesperson. (I’m happy, because she’s awesome and the ultimate Anti-Kendall!) (Via WMagazine)



Tap Water might be ruining your skin. This rang true to me on many levels, because the tap water in China is not drinking water quality and I assume its high amount of chlorine etc. isn’t the best for my skin. But then, I can totally see people frowning over this, because well, in the end everything ruins your skin. Air, water, food… (It’s called getting older.) (Via Racked)

Don’t use makeup wipes. Preach it, sister. (Glamour)

How to layer acids and retinols in your skincare routine. (Via The Beautyeditor)

Teen Vogue put together a very good article about cosmetics brands branching out to China. We all know by now that China wants cosmetics products to be tested on animals, but what does that mean exactly?

Brands that are playing with fire: LuluLemon and Victoria Health don’t think you should wear sunscreen. I personally find that irresponsible. Sunscreen isn’t about anti-aging, it’s mainly to prevent skin caner. Whoever wants to convince people that this is not a thing and are debonair about it – well, they lost me. (Via TeenVogue and VH’s newsletter)

Speaking of anti-aging: Allure bans that term from their mag and their sites. All the power to them in recognising that the public opinion on skincare has changed and it’s not longer solely focused on making women seem as young as possible, I’ve got a few questions: What about their advertisers, advertising their anti-aging products? What about their models, age average around 20? What about the direction of the magazine as a whole? And so on and so forth… In the end, I guess the sentiment will stay, even if the term itself is gone. (Via Allure)

How to keep your makeup products in a hygienic state. (Via Kalterkaffee)



Expectations vs. reality, travel edition. What you think famous tourist attractions look like and what they really look like. (Via the Culturetrip)

For all of us who overpack regularly: The ultimate packing tips for taking only a carry-on on a 2-week vacation. (Via People)



Social Media

How to become an IG influencer. An agency used 1000$ to build a fake account, and brands fell for it. (Via Boredpanda)

Social media is totally fake, especially when it comes to beauty. While we’re quick to realise an image is photoshopped and these pictures by the pool are heavily edited, but we’re still drawn to it. Why is that so? (Via Refinery)



Movies can change real life: How Hidden Figures was the reason for a new science programme for girls. (Via Pajiba)

There’ll be a Good Omens TV series! Squeeeeee! If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about go and read Neil Gaiman’s & Sir Terry Pratchett’s great novel Good Omens NOW!


Life, love and everything else

A heart-breaking tale about weight loss and what that means in our society. (Via NY Times)

What is the colour ‘nude’ exactly and how it became an inclusive term. (Via Konbini)

Is it anti-feminist to use beauty products for your vagina? While the writer gives very valid points about what makes her feel good herself, wouldn’t it be worth it to look a little further into the topics of self-optimisation and where this striving to be smooth, nice-smelling etc. comes from?


On the blog

We’re so very excited that Sephora is back in Germany, so we wrote two posts about it – all you need to know (English version & German version)! I revisited last year’s beauty bucket list, now that we’re more than halfway through the year, gave you the (in)famous round-up of the most important Fall makeup collections, shared my five top tips for better skin and went on a beauty adventure in Hongkong.

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