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What I think about Athleisure Beauty while I Run 10K

Athleisure beauty. What is it really? As a runner and a beauty junkie, I’m intrigued. Vogue magazine breaks down the trend quite nicely here.

It’s an interesting trend, a very different pull from the all organic, all natural beauty. What it is essentially, is makeup you can wear during a workout.

Then the questions is: should we wear makeup during a workout? Well, you know my stance with the general theme: Wear whatever you want (or don’t) and rock it!

I personally like the fact of letting my skin breathe during workout (which means I’m sweating a lot and I don’t like the feeling of not being able to wipe the sweat off my face with the fear of budging everything on my face). But I’m also not so strict as to remove all my makeup before a workout. Most of the time, I just go with whatever I’ve on. So it does happen sometimes that I had a very strong eye makeup, and then go to a sweaty yoga class. Surprisingly, that eye makeup held up really well!

Day 4 is where I had the sudden urge to do an edgy eye makeup (inspired by @maccosmetics post of their recent Seoul fashion week). BUT forgot that I have a yoga class in the afternoon. Lo and behold, the eye makeup stayed and I don't have 🐼 eyes (swipe right to see how it looked like at night)! Using the super trusty @narsissist pro eyeshadow Primer, #narsisisst Loaded eyeshadow palette shades Reale and Foix, MAC Polished Jet Powerchrome Eye Pencil, and MAC Spellbinder Shadow in Dynamically Charged for that pretty sparkle! Also using Dior mascara base and &otherstories indigo mascara (can see it on the after pics!). Blush is a highlighter-y NARS Tribulation, On the lips is Catrice Pure Shine Color Lip Balm in 100 Sheer your Mind (it's cheap and ticks all the good boxes!). #The100DayProject #twindly #beautyjunkie #nofilter #fotd #activebeauty

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That is possibly the most makeup I’ve ever worn during a workout :D. But I learned to really just rock it and wear whatever I want going to a class!

What I Wear During My Run

Normally I don’t wear any makeup, just sunscreen and a lipbalm. Sometimes it’s tinted lipbalm. I’ve been testing some stuff during my runs for a while (I run 10K every Sunday these days), and these are what I come up with after half of a year doing it.

Tips for Athleisure Beauty

  1. The number one most important thing: SUNSCREEN! Especially if you’re doing something outdoor.  Best anti wrinkle tip ever.
  2. Stay away from glitters. It might seem obvious when you read this, but sometimes I do forget and glitters are the one easiest to travel around your face and is easily spotted (aka the Edward effect).
  3. Skip the blush (obviously, exercise will give you the most gorgeous flush… or an overall redness… but you get my point, no need to add more colors there.)
  4. Focus on a part of your face instead of a full makeup. Maybe you just need to do your brow, or a swipe of color on your eyelids to define your eyes. I personally like to do my brows and add a pop of color on my lips.
  5. Opt for a sunscreen / bb cream type if you’d like some face coverage. One of my favorites is bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. We all know a full coverage foundation is more difficult to maintain while sweating.
  6. Nail polish is definitely a good one to add colors.

    Matching nailpolish with the medal!

  7. Mascaras are a tricky thing for me. The general consensus seemed to go with waterproof one. And yet this is the one thing everyone will notice if it budges off your face. I’d recommend skipping it, although I know a combo of mascara primer + waterproof should work 98% of the time. I love my Diorshow Maximizer 3D Primer btw.
  8. Eyeliners? Same thing with mascaras.

Bottom Line?

I don’t think you need new products for athleisure. Go for comfortable products in your stash that you won’t worry about while doing your workout but gives you an extra oomph! Afterall, the end result should be the beauty, happy glow!


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