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Best summer reads for beauty Lovers! July is a slow month, but here're the most exciting beauty news and reads for your procrastination needs.
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Beauty news and the best reads in November

The best reads and news in July

There’s an absolute drought of news right now – it seems like everybody is on vacation and countless PRs breathe deeply and relax. If you don’t lounge around a pool right now but have to sit at a desk somewhere, here’re some great articles and blogposts that will make the day pass more quickly. (Procrastination for the win!)



In the US, you’re going to loose your accumulated Sephora points at one point. Meh. Even I have an US Sephora account, and I’m not happy about this! (Via Refinery)

In the US, MAC will be sold at Nordstrom Rack soon. After being sold at Ulta, it’s MAC’s next step to get to another customer base. It seems a tad desperate, too, methinks – what will be next? TK Maxx? It also solidifies my impression that MAC’s time is over – they try so hard to find a new customer base after they lost chunks of the old one due to LE frenzy and being behind in the innovation game. (Via Popsugar)

What happens when an “influencer” thinks it is a great idea to overly photoshop her instagram pictures, a message board dedicated to “guru gossip” finds out and the rest of the world sits back and laughs. (Via Refinery)  

NARS responds to the backlash about their decision to sell in Mainland China and it’s not good: “(…) it is important to bring our vision of beauty and artistry to fans in the Region”. Really, NARS, really?!??!?!?! You don’t do it for the money?!

Caro Daur, she of the recently released MAC lipstick that didn’t sell that well (she was one of the “influencers” in MAC’s collab with various influencers around the globe and Astrid bought her lipstick) gave an interview (in German) and the magazine actually published all the questions she wouldn’t answer. It smells just the littlest bit fishy… (In German, but worth your while).



Would you dunk your head in cold water to make your makeup last longer? Turns out some people swear on it! (Allure)

The nine most influential beauty campaigns of all times, via Bustle. (And see how far we’ve come nowadays).

Misapplication of sunscreen might up your risk of getting skin cancer. Not going to lie, I felt all smug until I read the article, and then I wasn’t smug any longer. I’m wearing sunscreen every day and now scientists tell me I’m doing it wrong?!

But then, gel manis apparently aren’t bad for your skin (but might bad for your nails). (Via The Atlantic)

This is how much beauty products cost all around the world. (Glamour) 



Women in their 40s and 50s are the new “ageless” generation. (The Telegraph) There’s a shift in perception and while in former times, middle-aged women started to become invisible, nowadays that’s empathically not the case – look at Michelle Obama, Joanne Rowling, and Nicole Kidman!

The Summer Bucket List, of both a 16- and 35-year-old. I honestly think that the one of the 16-year-old sounds like a lot more fun, didn‘t the writer oft he New York Times didn’t get the memo that it’s ok to get older? Also, don’t buy La Mer. It’s overpriced Nivea. (The New York Times) 

So, Doctor Who announced that the 13. Doctor will be played by a woman. (I’m a big fan, and if you don’t have the foggiest what I’m talking about, here’s an idea for you for your next binge-watching!) Next might be James Bond? (After Craig’s stint is over?) (W Magazine) 



Like the lemming I am, I got some The Ordinary products, and some didn’t work, and one did. Yay? Astrid, on the other hand, had a fun adventure when she ventured out to make her own lipgloss and also shared her thoughts about the latest trend of athleisure in beauty. While everybody and their kitchen sink is loosing their head over metallic lips, I gave you my fave metallic eyeshadows for summer. Also, if you have an embarrasingly large makeup stash, you might be interested in our storage solutions that make you actually use everything in said stash?


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