Everything of importance that has been happening in the beauty world (can I just say that the news about Nars and Deciem blew my mind?), plus a slew of great reads about self-care, women in the movies, the unicorn trend (there’ll be mermaids soon), and the new swimsuit trends. Plus, cheap MAC anyone?

Beauty news


We can now buy MAC online at Look Fantastic in the UK, and it’s much cheaper than in Germany. (Via Magi-Mania)

FINALLY MAC makes it possibly to get foundation samples in Germany which will lead to less returns, I’m sure.

MAC foundation samples
MAC gives out faoundation samples in Germany – thanks to Cream’s Beauty Blog



NARS will start to sell their products in China in 2017, meaning the brand will has to do mandatory animal testing on their products as requiered by Chinese law. That means they’ll loose their cruelty free badge. I saw on their IG that people are pretty upset about it. Read the deeds here on Logical Harmony.

Estée Lauder ditches Estée Edit, hires new Global Beauty Director (a YouTuber), expands Victoria Beckham’s line for fall. (While Racked – in the first link – seemed to suggest that EL should’ve gone a similar route with Kendall like with Beckham, I strongly disagree. If you’ve ever seen Fleur de Force’s interview with Kendall you’ll know why. She’s supposedly not really into makeup, and it shows. Painfully.)

Bella Hadid is the new face of Nars’ Fall collection. I’m not a fan.

L’Oreal invents artificial skin that might end animal testing. Hopefully…

L’Oreal sells The Body Shop to a Brazilian company.

Estée Lauder buys share in Deciem, reactions are mixed.

Unilever buys Hourglass. Huh?!

bareMinerals trials a new foundation that will be custom-made for you.

Biotherm releases a sunscreen that’s supposedly ocean-friendly. Great news, because up until now all sunscreen agents have been toxic for marine life.

Shangpree, the company in whose spa I had my facial in Seoul, is now available at Violet Grey in the US.

Sulwhasoo will come to Europe, namely Paris, and will be available at Galeries Lafayette. Yay!

Sulwhasoo Europe
Sulwhasoo will finally come to Europe – they’ll have a counter in Paris. Thank you Nailderella!

Oh, and IKEA, famous for their cheap (smelling) candles, are going to partner with ultra-luxe candle maker and perfumer Byredo.


Beauty stories

Unicorns everywhere. But why? And how? And when will it end and start again (but with mermaids)? Fastcompany has all the answers.

The true story of Maybelline’s founder. Such a great read, and in the end, a quite sad story.

How established beauty brands try to rebrand their image. Clinique, Estée Lauder and Lancome all try to find a new customer base, but are there strategies working?


Life, love and everything else

Books! Books and even more books, just in time for the summer holidays! Two great compilation, thanks to PopSugar and The New York Times.

Sorry, but this year’s swimsuits are utterly ridiculous. I mean, if you actually want to swim in them (otherwise, you’re good. If you’re a model). (The Washington Times)

The best affordable self-care ideas, from people who know. Just what it says it is, courtesy of Teen Vogue.

It took an A-list movie star like Jessica Chastain to point out some disturbing truths about women in the movies (both in the industry and as depicted in movies). She pointed out that in most movies, women are usually reactive, not pro-active, without a voice and point of view of their own. (The Guardian)

I’m finding great hope in the rumours of a Veronica Mars mini series, because if there ever was a great female driven show, this was it. (Via The Bustle) Honestly, if you don’t know that great series about a teenage detective with a noir flair, you’ve to watch it. NOW!


What happened on the blog

We revamped the layout a bit. It’s now looking so sleek and fresh and brings you great new features! Have a look at the featured posts in the sidebar, and also the most popular posts we’ve ever done!

I had my first (!!!) facial in a luxury spa in Seoul and oh wow! We also gave you two helpful posts that’ll make your life easier. The first is how you can red lips comfortably, the second is how to work together successfully as a team with lots of tips and helpful apps. Then there was that one MAC lip product we totally weren’t convinced of, and some beauty fun facts that’ll be new to you (and fun to procrastinate with).

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  1. I had the same reaction when I saw Unilever bought hourglass!! Such a weird acquisition, let’s see what happens! As for Estee Edit, well, that’s sad but I never loved it personally enough to say I’ll miss it xx

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