Confession time – when I hit ‘post’ initially, my introduction consisted only of the words ‘intro’, because honestly, I’m running out of words. By now I think everyone and their kitchen sink knows that I love all my K-Beauty lip products, and that’s true for the following ones I’m going to introduce to you now: Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask and the Two Tone Lip Bar (read: ombre lipstick) that are a dream for everyone who loves moisturizing lip products.

Laneige is one of the many brands under the Amore Pacific umbrella and a quite established Korean brand, founded in 1994. Nowadays it’s easy to buy all over the world, with physical stores in a number of Asian and Western countries (it’s also sold in the US at Target). All that’s left is Europe – come on Laneige! They became known worldwide due to their Sleeping Pack that took the beauty world by storm, at least after Lisa Eldridge’s post. Another not so secret recommendation is their Lip Sleeping Mask that a lot of bloggers and vloggers endorse. I consequently picked it up.

Also being right on (Korean) trend is the Two Tone Lip Bar, a lipstick that’ll give you the kind of ombre “I just sucked on a popsicle”-lip that’s so hot in K-Beauty.

Laneige two tone lip bar in Maxi Red
Yeah, not really good at this ombre lip look… But you get the idea. That’s Laneige’s Maxi Red applied straight from the … bar.


Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask (Vanilla)

Laneige lip mask Vanilla
Laneige’s lip sleeping mask is colourless and has a pleasant slippy texture.

This is expensive stuff, just to get this out of the way. Laneige is generally not as cheap as other road shop brands like Missha or Etude House, but rather on the level of MAC and Urban Decay. I bought the lip mask because it was damn cold when I visited Seoul, and I’d heard great things. I find the original scent (my vanilla one was limited edition for Christmas) a bit too cloyingly sweet, but I’m picky with stuff I put on my lips. (Anyone remember that horrible fig scent that Estée Lauder used to put into their lip products?! I could not use them!)

All Laneige Lip Masks come with a cute little spatula that you don’t have to put your fingers directly into the pot. You’re supposed to use this over night, but I just use it when my lips are in need of some extra TLC. And it’s the best lip treatment I’ve encountered so far. It’s magical. The texture is very enjoyable, and it sinks into your lips quickly. Wonderful stuff. (Ingredients) (Around $17. If you’re in Europe, I recommend Roseroseshop for ordering online.)

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in Maxi Red (No. 12)

Laneige lipstick Maxi Red
Laneige’s two tone lip bar in Maxi Red.

In a similar vain, the Two-Tone Lip Bar is another wonderful product. (Sorry to sound like a broken record.) It’s a lipstick with a sliding mechanism that combines two different colours in one lipstick, to create that super popular ombre lip. The aim is to give the lips an effect like you’ve just eaten a lollipop, with a darker colour in the centre of the lips.

Laneige Maxi Red swatch
Swatch of Laneige’s two tone lip bar in Maxi Red on NC15 skin.

With the Two Tone Lip Bars you can achieve this look easily, or just use them as regular lipsticks. The texture is very moisturizing and soft, the effect is slightly glossy. I like! Maxi Red consists of a yellow peach colour and a cherry red. When I don’t use the lipstick for its ombre effect, I just go around the edges of my lips with the red colour facing out and smoosh my lips together to spread the colour. That gives my lips a very pretty pinkish red colour that’s very flattering. (Around 20$ here)

Laneige Maxi Red lip swatch
Laneige Maxi Red mixed together – a very easy to wear pinkish red.

I hope to pick up a cushion and some anti-pollution skincare items next! Have you tried anything from Laneige yet? Are you tempted?

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  1. A lip mask that works – dream! I’ve tried a few, admittedly affordable, ones from Sephora and hated them. This sounds like a great product. Would love to try Leneige- not easy in the UK though but hopefully they’ll bring the fact over here too!

  2. This is honestly an amazing product. Of course, it’s always a bit annoying to order things blindly online, but especially Laneige is easy to order online! Still, I’m hoping that Laneige will up their game in Europe. I was so jealous the other day when I found out that in the US, not only Laneige is available at Target, but cosrx at Ulta!

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