Your monthly news of the beauty world (feat. Kat von D, MAC and Catrice this time around). Also the one where I share my favorite posts and articles about beauty (of course), and everything else. This month, you might have a peek at a feud over snail mucus (really!), how monks tried to cure the plague in the middle ages and came up with a cosmetics line that is still around today (really!!!), why minimalism is stupid and a brilliant portrait of the daily life of various Instagram influencers by Vogue that manages to be neither snidely arrogant nor condescending, but is totally on point. Have a look at my favourite reads lately.

Beauty news

Sephora is not coming to the UK after all. (The Sunday Girl)

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Sephora coming to Germany after all.

Sephora GermanyNews via @innenaussen and @puppenstube on Instagram. If you want to apply, look here!

MAC is coming to Ulta (US). Via British Beauty Blogger.

Also, MAC gets a new Creative Director – sorely needed. MAC has been beaten in their own game by many other brands that do innovative products better and quicker than MAC, plus MAC has run itself to the ground by doing thousands of LEs without bringing anything new or good to the market. But is Tony Lakis the one to do that? Reading this piece on WWD, I rather doubt it.

German drugstore brand Catrice (sister brand of Essence) has an US webshop now.

Catrice webshop in the US
New webshop (via Catrice Instagram)

Kat von D’s new vendetta: This time, against Makeup Revolution. (YouTube) – I’m really surprised about this, because I’ve seen numerous media outlets and bloggers praising MUR for great quality and cheap prices, and now there’s been a complete turnaround because one brand was pissed off. O-kaayyyy? (Looking at you, Allure. And yeah, a lot of bloggers/vloggers.)

L’Oreal is apparently considering selling The Body Shop. I actually think it’s a good decision – TBS needs a new direction and new vision. (The Guardian)


Beauty-related stuff

Caroline Hirons (skincare “guru”) managed to single-handedly enrage the whole Asian beauty community with some remarks about skincare that contains snail mucus. Here’s a good look into the whole kerfuffle. (Via fanserviced-b)

Really, I can’t add anything to this brilliant headline: When Medieval monks couldn’t cure the plague, they launched a luxe skincare line. (Collectors Weekly)

Nailderella compares the old to the new version of Clinique’s Clarifying Lotion, beloved by many, and gives some useful advice about using salicylic acid in your skincare routine.

Ugh, germs on used makeup. This one was a bit of an eye opener… (Buzzfeed)

If you’re in the US, your old mascara wands can help animals in need. (Allure)


Life, love and everything else

More diversity in Hollywood movies will result in bigger revenue. WHAT A SURPRISE. (Vanity Fair)

Minimalism is stupid and also geared towards rich people. (And Instagram.) Astrid send me this (she knows me well), and the whole thing manages to voice why I was always uncomfortable with minimalism as a lifestyle. (The Guardian)

Style Icon Iris Apfel (96), shares her words of wisdom. Also applicable to your style of makeup. I’ve loved Iris Apfel since her MAC collab back in the day which gave us both Scarlet Ibis and Party Parrot lipsticks. Also, because of sentences like this: I think inspiration comes from living.” (The New Potato)

If you only read one article this month, make it this one: a brilliant take on the job of highly paid Instagram influencers. (Vogue)

Is social media actually ruining milestones in your life? Certainly, in one way, yes, but I could easily come up with arguments that social media actually helps you to share both happy and sad experiences and actually boost your experience. What about you? Where do you stand on this? Is the secret a happy middle ground? (The every girl)


What happened on the blog

We tested a bunch of very different tools (the hyped Silisponge and some Hakuhodo brushes), shared the best deals of Glamour Shopping Week, delved into rose fragrances, had a look at our favorite products from L’Oreal and while Dorit shared her experiences with purple hair, Astrid brought us a very interesting view into the realm of indie cosmetics in Indonesia, namely matte lipsticks.

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