Beauty shopping news, new brands, and beauty geekery all in one post. Why we fall for LE items again and again, spy makeup from the 60s, hygge and 100 self-care ideas – there’s something for everybody!

Beauty shopping news


In Germany

It’s always exciting when brands are easily accessible all of a sudden: Physicians Formula and Dr. Jart+ are available at Douglas online. Magi took one for the team and has a review about the Physicians Formula products she tried (in German).

On the downside, I can’t see Burberry Beauty no longer at the Douglas online site. Sadface.

In Europe

Asos stocked up their range and now have Nars and the new and trailblazing skincare brand The Ordinary (review is coming!) in their line-up. Nice!




What would you really like to have when it comes to beauty gadgets? Would it rather be a mirror that makes you feel horrible, a brush that does nothing than stating the obvious or something that would really work? And why is it that there’s really not much that’s great and works?!

We wrote about how to incorporate some Colour Of the Year accents into your makeup routine, but if you still need some inspo to grab those Greenery products, here’s a nice post!

Ask any beauty junkie and they’ll swear that they hate LE makeup, but will buy it nevertheless. Here’s a look behind the scenes – see how brands might even loose money over their LEs, but feel driven by a fast turning social media cycle and that coverage.

Lawsuits, lawsuits and even more lawsuits – after Johnson, St. Ives there’s now a lawsuit against blogger-beloved brand Sunday Riley. BBB has all the info.

Tom Pecheux is the new global beauty director for YSL after being ‘artistic director’ both for Shiseido and Estée Lauder. I’ve the feeling that edgy YSL is a better match for Pecheux than Estée Lauder, though I’ll always cherish the outstanding products that were developed when he was at the helm of Estée Lauder – Modern Mercury highlighter and the famous Gelee texture, anyone? I’m looking forward to seeing him do amazing things for YSL.


Life and the Internet


When fandoms collide: Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is a huge geek and collects all kinds of movie memorabilia. I literally screamed when he and a buddy pulled out a makeup artists’s case from the 1960s that was actually used on CIA agents and saw all the vials and compacts. I had such a flashback to Lisa Eldridge’s makeup collection – her book (reviewed here) is the reason why I immediately recognised that Maybelline Pancake compact!

The internet when I went to uni. If you went to uni at the end of the 1990s or early 2000s, it’s a must-read. It was a bit different at my uni in Great Britain, but still, such a wave of nostalgia at camera films that had to be developed, the novelty of mobiles and emails, and in some ways, the freedom of leading a social life without social media. I disagree with the author, though, – it never made me unconsciously living in a bubble of my own social circle. Maybe I just had great teachers?

Why the lack of healthcare made Darth Vader go over to the dark side. Yes, really. Start to look for it and you’ll see it. And I also wonder why I never questioned that Amidala, member of nobility, died in childbed in the f*ing future?!??!!!

In German: Allein das Wort Influencer ist gefährlich. Totally worth the read. Or do you actually want to ‘influence’ 14-year-olds to buy the latest lipgloss, shower gel or sneakers if you put that in your job description?


Life, love, and everything else


The hygge conspiracy. Let us snuff that trend in the bud before it becomes a worldwide hygge-movement. For everybody who speaks German it becomes immediately clear when you translate it: ‘heimelig’ (Heimlich) and ‘unheimlich’ are somewhat sinister siblings. For every cozy environment there must be something that’s different and ‘other’ that sets it apart. And the more we strife to make everything more cozy, the more we build walls around our seemingly perfectly cozy lifes.

100 self care ideas: Some are a bit obvious, some are silly, some are twee – but nevertheless, a nice list for grey wintery days when you can’t think of anything that would make the day better.

Dressing like an adult has changed over the decades, and while the author mourns the elegance of yesteryear, I partly mourn with them, but partly am glad that I can basically run around like I did when I was a student. What about you?

Because January is cold: How to make the perfect Hot Toddy. The end.

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