Holiday season and a kinda depressing 2016, the aftermath of the Gilmore Girls revival, the scent of different cities, the search for the best skincare products – that could very well describe my last weeks, but is actually a description of some of the blog posts and articles I really enjoyed this month and think you might enjoy too. Onwards to the best December reads!


Bobbi Brown will leave her brand at the end of December and, as rumours have it, will head towards a new business. We at twindly speculated and came to the conclusion that she’ll come out with a beauty brand geared towards women over 40. How awesome would that be?! A modern over 40 beauty junkie with a line for women just like her. I’d be in for it!

Refinery asked around what the most popular skincare brand of the whole wide world might be. Turns out, it’s … Well, would you’ve guessed that Nivea is number two? I wouldn’t have in a million years!

There’s a woman in Berlin who has recreated the scents of 35 cities all over the world. It’s a fascinating article.

Tarte comes out with an athleisure line of beauty products. I don’t know how I feel about that. Do you wear makeup to work out? Let me know if I’m missing out!

Musicalhouses was asked if DIY skincare is better for your skin than the stuff you can buy in a store. She’s one of the most knowledgeable skincare bloggers, so I always pay attention to her posts!


Life, love and everything else

We might have a new Pantone Color of the Year, but Rose Quartz isn’t going away. Why is that? Read more about the rise of that pretty, dainty rose colour that’s everywhere.

Your keyboard is dirtier than a toilet seat. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek!

The rise and fall of the It-Girl. Interesting read I don’t agree with at all. Because … well, wasn’t it always like It-Girls weren’t really culturally relevant?! Or is it just me?

Speaking of It-Girls – who found A Year in The Life, the Gilmore Girls reboot, as depressing as I did? Here’s a great review who rounds up all my feelings. Oh Rory.

And speaking of Rory Gilmore, golden girl who was destined for a great future and failed spectacularly – apparently that’s a millennial thing, this failure to launch? The things you learn!

The most important article of the year: Why 2016 was a really, really good year. We often just focus on negative things, and this article shows what great developments 2016 brought. Yes, pretty horrible things happened, but look at all those breakthroughs people achieved!



The most beautiful streets. I always find posts like that incredibly soothing. Look at all this beauty all around the globe!

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