Agism in the beauty world, what happens when beauty products are discontinued, some Holiday DIYs (you can’t start too early!), and a very down to earth guideline how to start exercising when you’re depressed. Because exercising is good for you and this year has been depressing. If you need cheering up, find out what beauty products you can buy for 1,4 billion dollars. Onwards to my favourite reads in November!


Ageism in the beauty world – I’m around Leticia’s age. While I do agree with her assessment of the beauty world, I’m not prepared to give up. There’s a huge group of women out there who love makeup and beauty and can’t find any age-relevant blogs. Personally, I want to read about anti-aging skincare tested by older women, not by teenagers. I want to read reviews of foundation that sits well on older skin. Or about eye shadow that makes my lids look great and concealer that doesn’t vanish in the creases beneath my eyes. So, Leticia, don’t give up! The situation is crap and I hope PR people all over the world will take note. Because there’s a huge group of well-earning women that’s ready to spend their hard-earned bucks on awesome products that are catered to their needs. And they want to read about them first at unbiased blogs.

Another glass ceiling, this time shattered – an interview with Christine Nagel, Hermès’ first female perfumer. In a men’s world of fragrance, she persevered, followed her passion and released her first perfume for the brand (and it’s a gorgeous one!).

Where go discontinued beauty products when they die and how can you still get them? Allure went sleuthing.

The Sunday Girl shares her weirdest beauty questions with her readers. Truth to be told, now I can’t stop thinking about if my damp beauty blender destroys my SPF either! Can anybody help? Scientifically?

What’s in your bag? This innocent question has changed from a quirky beauty challenge to a carefully curated lifestyle picture. Instead of youtubers showing off designer bags, what about going back to the roots and really showing the world what’s in our bags? Everything, from old receipts to tampax and dusty candy? Oh, and of course the nine lipsticks that accumulate in our bags every week. Astrid and I are in, are you too? (Watch this space!)

And then Estée Lauder went on a shopping spree and spend 1,4 billion dollars on Too Faced. Like you do. If you’re worried about Too Faced’s ethics being sold too, their CEO posted a little uplifting message.



A great little DIY from BBB – how to pack small Christmas gifts in an awesome way. Totally stealing that!

Something that’s geared towards the DIY savvy who owns a saw (or still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for you). The most perfect vanity table set up I’ve ever seen, for Scandi style lovers. Hearts.



When you’re depressed, everybody and their kitchen sink will tell you how great exercise is for you. You’ll try, probably fail, and feel even worse. I really enjoyed these tips for people too depressed to exercise. It includes little gems like this: ‘If you’re staying alive, you’re already doing the hardest workout imaginable.’ Give yourself a little pat on the back for that!

It’s that time of the year that’s both insanely busy and totally dreary, so if you’re a blogger, you maybe might want some inspiration? Here some tips to write a kickass blog post. Well worth the read!

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