November 2016 - twindly beauty blog
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best berry beauty products for winter

Five Berries against November blues

Nothing better on a grey November day (or December day, for that matter) than a great makeup look with a touch of berry. I love jewel tones for winter, and berries are among my favourite shades ever: So warm and glowing! Also, everybody can wear them, no matter skintone or colouring. Here’re my best berry beauty products for winter.READ MORE

Beauty news and the best reads in November

Linklove: My favourite November reads

Agism in the beauty world, what happens when beauty products are discontinued, some Holiday DIYs (you can’t start too early!), and a very down to earth guideline how to start exercising when you’re depressed. Because exercising is good for you and this year has been depressing. If you need cheering up, find out what beauty products you can buy for 1,4 billion dollars. Onwards to my favourite reads in November!READ MORE

Beauty shopping in Singapore

Beauty adventures in Singapore

I love Singapore. It has been dubbed the Asian city for beginners, because for a Western person, it’s incredibly easy to get around. For me, though, it’s the Asian New York City – a melting pot, a financial hub, a touristy mess – topped with a all-year round hot climate, awesome parks and gardens, yummy food and well, the shopping. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the shopping malls and opportunities, and I wouldn’t say that I even scratched the surface of this teeming city. But here’re my favourite spots for beauty shopping in Singapore.READ MORE

best indie nail polish brands

An Intro to indie polishes – best brands and finishes

After delving into the history of indie nail polishes and answering why you absolutely should try indie nail polishes in the last post here, here’s the second part of my introduction to indie nail polishes. This time, it’s all about the best indie nail polish brands and finishes, and I’ll show you some favourites and latest trends. READ MORE

introduction to indie nail polishes

An intro to indie polishes – beginners’ guide

So you’ve used high-end and high-street nail polishes, you’ve used crèmes, jellies, and the occasional glitter topcoat. But you’re ready to venture out farther, and discover different polishes. Well my friend, you’re ready to enter the realm of indie nail polishes.READ MORE

25 facts about me

25 facts about me

Hi! I’m Dorit. Nice to meet you! I figured that while Astrid, Twindly’s CEO, is very well known around here, maybe you’re curious about the person who writes a lot of the blogposts – me. Also, I’m nosy myself and love reading these kind of posts (fun fact #1!). So, here’re 25 totally random facts about me. Some are makeup related, some not.READ MORE

Hakuhodo brush review

Two weeks, two brushes: Hakuhodo brush review

Like I wrote in the first instalment of this little series (find it here), every time I get new brushes I test them thoroughly with every product I can think of to see with which they’re able to perform well. For two weeks, I use them every day when I do my makeup and tell you all about it. This time, I tried and tested my first Hakuhodo brushes! Exciting!READ MORE