Halloween is a wonderful opportunity to look at darker topics than the ones that are usually covered here on the blog. I’m very happy that I can point out a serious issue that’s easy to overlook, with catastrophic results. You want to be prepared!!!!! It’s very important to think about this as early as possible. This is the reason I’ll write about the beauty products you need when the zombie apocalypse hits today.[1]

Apart from necessities like tampons, aspirin and antibiotics (I mean, really! Why doesn’t any dystopia ever covers the lack of that? Or toothpaste. Can you imagine living without brushing your teeth? Ewwwwwww!) which products would you definitely stockpile in case of the zombie apocalypse[2]/evil angels taking over the earth [3]/evil vampires taking over the earth[4]/evil aliens taking over the earth[5]/evil flu wipes out most of the earth[6]?


Micellar water, cleansing wipes

I know, I know – cleansing wipes are of the devil and bad for your skin and whatever (I haven’t use any before because I find them icky), but the zombie apocalypse may be a reason to turn me around – because if I don’t have any water/cleansing products, a little bit of cleansing might be better than nothing. I’d definitely stockpile my favourite micellar water (L’Oreal) and some cotton rounds! Now, don’t look at me funny. I don’t expect to run around with a face full of makeup while the zombies (or vampires. Or whatever.) are wiping out humankind, but! Next item on my list:



I wouldn’t worry about premature aging when there’s the apocalypse in full swing, but sunburn hurts, dammit, and going around day after day after day with layers on sunscreen is a bit repulsive. See, that’s what the micellar water and wipes are for! Also, you don’t want to erupt in spots because you didn’t cleanse properly. Those zombies might find it appealing! I’ll go for my tried and true Skinceuticals one I mentioned a thousand times.



Hope springs eternal and even the worst apocalypse comes to an end (the books say so!!!), so what if all of the sudden the last survivors have to repopulate the earth again? A bit of perfume, powder and a killer red lipstick or a swipe of mascara wouldn’t some amiss! (I’m an introvert, people. Socializing can be hard and I’ll take all the help I can get![7]) My recommendations: Le Labo Rose 31 (sexy!), MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is is great powder for everybody, L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara is my fave for ages and red lipstick – I’ll go with MAC Red!


Body care

What also wouldn’t come amiss? The deodorant of your choice and some body powder (I like Lush’s Sexy Underwear) and mouthwash. Just in case you’ll get, ahem, close and personal to someone. With a spray can of deodorant and some matches you can also build yourself a small flamethrower. Win!

So here you have it, my emergency kit recommendations in case the zombies are coming. Store it with your bottled water and transistor radio and batteries.

Or you could also take it with you when you go camping or hiking the next time. *crickets*




[1] Irony, people. I hope you detected that without this footnote. Also, Happy Halloween for all who celebrate! Have fun, stay safe and eat all the candies!

[2] The Girl with all the Gifts, M.R. Carey

[3] Penryn and the End of Days, S. Ee

[4] The Twelve, J. Cronin

[5] The 5th wave, R. Yancey

[6] Station Eleven, E. St. John Mandel

[7] That’s also one of the reasons why I love to read. I can endorse all the books I mentioned in the footnotes more or less. Personal favourite would be The Girl with all the Gifts, closely followed by The Twelve. (Hated the second and third book of the trilogy, though.)

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