I tend to wear mineral makeup with SPF when it gets hot. I’ve combination skin that gets shiny very quickly in the heat. Generally, while liquid foundations break down really quickly in those conditions, mineral foundation doesn’t for me. If you’ve got dry skin, though, that might be different. But I found the perfect beauty hack for a super quick and easy application that’s great for all skin types.


Mineral foundation is great for sensitive skin

Why bother, you might ask? Why especially reach for mineral foundation when you could just go for your usual foundation? Mineral foundations are great for sensitive skin and great for those makeup enthusiasts who might want to stay clear of ingredients like parabens, silicone, alcohol, fragrance and preservatives. Because they don’t contain any oils, they’re also non-comedogenic. (As always, if your skin is extra-sensitive, look for products with an ingredient list that is as short as it can possible be – less chance for irritation!) My skin gets a bit more reactive in summer, so I like to switch to mineral foundation during the hotter months.

diy mineral foundation with spf
The ingredients for the easiest beauty hack ever – Sunscreen (Skinceuticals) and mineral foundation (MAC)

How to make it work for you

I own mineral foundation from bareMinerals and Mac, and love both products. But there’re a lot more brands to discover. If you want to go down the more adventurous indie route, there’re loads of indie companies to choose from, like Meow Cosmetics, Alima or Silk Naturals. Also most established brands, from drugstore to high-end, carry some mineral foundation or other (Elizabeth Arden, boots No. 7, L’Oreal, Bobbi Brown …). Application can be a bit of a hassle, though. You’ve to wait until your moisturizer and your sunscreen is properly absorbed, otherwise you’ll end up with a patchy application. If you over-apply, the same. In the worst case scenario, every uneven patch of skin will be highlightened, and for some people the buffing in of a loose powder is a daunting task anyway. If you’ve got dry skin, the powder tends to either just sit on your skin or showcase dry patches nicely.

mineral makeup with spf
Mix both together, and apply! Your own, custom-made mineral foundation with added SPF.

Mineral makeup with SPF

The solution to that? Mix your loose mineral foundation of choice with your sunscreen and apply. Don’t glob it onto your face all at once, but go slowly, and gently pat your mixture onto your skin until it is absorbed, then go over it again. Custom-made tinted sunscreen, tailored exactly to your needs! Use your favourite sunscreen (I use my favourite Skinceuticals one), and just add the loose foundation, slowly combining it (I just mix it on my hand). Be careful though – fine powder has the tendency to fly anywhere! (Especially when you sneeze, ahem!)


So, there it is – time-saving, skin-saving – the perfect foundation hack for all skin-types that is a great time-saver during summertime. Also, no hassles to find your perfect tinted moisturizer with added SPF, because you can custom-made your own. How great is that?!

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