I’m the first to admit that I spent the larger parts of the month wishing I was on some kind of vacation and being vastly envious of everybody who lazes around the pool right now. And between travel posts and instagram stories there seemed to be nothing going on in the blogosphere at all. In the whole blogosphere? No!

I managed to find all kinds of interesting stuff. Here’re July’s best blogposts and articles, from the ubiquitous travel posts to thought-provoking pieces about female hunger (a must read!), discussions about ads on blogs (oh my eyes, the comments! They huuuurt!), how to spot a lime crime fake, and ideas how you could actually still use your unloved products that clutter your drawers.



How to spot Lime Crime Velvetine fakes with a very thorough guide and a lot of pictures at Sulfur & Cookies (in German, bit you can still look at the pics. They’re pretty informative.)

Too dark or too shimmery bronzers, scratchy brushes and old sponges – Makeupsavvy has a solution for your stuff that you’d otherwise throw away. No need for that old body scrub just to sit on your bathroom cabinet, there’s help!

Something that crossed my mind pretty soon after hearing the Brexit news – how will the Brexit impact Britain’s beauty industry? Allure speculates about the influences on brands like Charlotte Tilbury and others.

A girl went to three different counters of pretty big beauty brands for her wedding makeup trial. Her instructions for the make-up artist was the same each time, but outcomes vastly differed. I for one felt still safest to do my own make-up – no worries there that I wouldn’t like it in the end!

Are skincare bottles colour-coded? theNotice certainly thinks so. My skincare cabinet certainly is rather blue, orange and purple!

Here’s an interesting interview with Illamasqua founder Julian Kynaston. I always like sneak peeks of how collections are created and especially like his attitude towards mainstream trends and subculture.




‘T is the season – let’s ogle some exotic destinations and lush bars where we’d now rather be! Hashtag goals, anyone?

I love Iceland (I wrote about it and its cool beauty brands here), I love Reykjavik, and I’d go there again in a heartbeat. Here’s a guide to Reykjavik’s best shopping street. Wish I had this guide when I was there …

I love this article and consider it the most thoughtful and important I read this month – what does our hunger (for food, life, sex) say about us as a woman? Men’s appetite is considered healthy, but a woman’s? Not so much. At best, it’s considered unladylike, at worst, there’re much worse words. Go read it. It’ll be worth your time.

Blogs, Instagram channels, YouTube videos – there’re a lot of social media channels where ads aren’t declared as ads. Nothing new there. This article from German paper Die Welt was received controversially (especially from the bloggers mentioned in the article), but things got really interesting in the comments – apparantly, people couldn’t care less when it’s clothes or beauty. Double standards much?! (In German.)

Finally, what do beauty bloggers do in their spare time? Tine helps Romanian rescue dogs. Thank you Tine! Hop over to her blog to see how you could make an impact! (It’s in German, but do read it via Google Translate. GO!)

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