Summer is nearly over, my birthday month is over, the Olympics are over, the exciting Fall releases came and went, and it’s time to face it – the year is coming towards its end. Maybe that’s why a lot of this month’s articles are so glum? Or maybe we’re all just tired. I know I am! But then, I take a look at the incredible piece about Michelle Carter and can’t help but smile. And if all fails, Nail Gaiman to the rescue!


Fee from Makeupsavvy has a few words for high street beauty brands and gets it aaaallllll out. But honestly, I totally get her. Who hasn’t been standing in front of a cosmetics display somewhere and hasn’t shook their metaphorical fist at yucky testers?! Mainstream/drugstore brands, you can do better!


Some features have been coming out about Emily Weiss’ brand Glossier lately. In case you haven’t heard about it, take a look – it’s a really interesting read. It also raises some questions about our beauty buying habits – do we buy things that work, or do we want to buy our way into a certain lifestyle?


I think I’m in love with Michelle Carter, the MUA from the US who went to Rio to win a gold medal in shot put and competes in red lips and false lashes because she feels badass with them, not because she wants to look ‘pretty’.


Jane from British Beauty Blogger has beauty fatigue. It’s not only the always same stuff that companies come out with, but also bloggers and vloggers and influencers (in short, everybody and their kitchen sink) ALSO always churn out the same content. I think we can do better than that. Isn’t it quite often that we shy away from the quirky and unusual because we think it’s not ‘safe’? Or not valuable enough in terms of clicks and money it brings in? Or too much work? And in the end, all beauty collections look the same, and writers write the same. We can do better. Right?


Women who are actually considered middle-aged look younger and younger. Allure has a well-written feature about this phenomenon, and all I’m thinking is how utterly exhausting their life must be. Always on guard, never be relaxed and just having this cocktail, or skipping your exercise, or hanging out and having dinner, and looking less than their best. And that is life, then? How depressing!



Always love these kind of articles: How to take better pictures with your mobile.


ALSO always love these kind of videos: how to pack for your summer vacation (just a carry-on!). 

I encountered Amy from Chase Amie when I was researching a certain bag I wanted to buy. She’s hands down the most charming and down to earth youtuber who covers luxury goods (her jam are Chanel bags) and I just want to hang out with her. This video is a bit older, but relevant for everybody who wants to spend a large amount of money at something and isn’t quite sure how to achieve it. Here’s how she’s able to buy her high-end bags.


Neil Gaiman who writes great novels like American Gods, Good Omens and Neverwhere, got an email from a girl asking how she can get over a broken heart. The first part of the answer is kinda generic (turn it into art, blabla – maybe somehow difficult for all of us who aren’t artists?!), but the second part got me.



Let’s end with a nice DIY. Another girl’s beautycase always has the best ones! This time, it’s a body scrub with coconut oil and green tea. (in German)


Did you read something that stayed in your mind this month? Wanna share?

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