Are you as obsessed with beauty hacks as I am? I industriously read every post on them but the thing is – I never ever use them. Maybe I’m just lazy or clinging to my old ways, but some of those so-called hacks just seem so impractical, time-consuming and (dare I say it) unnessecary! There’s one, though, that I use quite often. It’s the only beauty hack you’ll truly ever need – and you will use it! Here’s my trusted hack how to get rid of makeup stains quickly and easily.

Makeup stains everywhere!

Beauty hack - how to remove makeup stains
Yup, that’s how my desk looks all the time…


I’m a klutz. I spill foundation on my clothes all the time, have cream eyeshadow stains on my hands and subsequently on my pants, mascara wands fall out of hand and onto my shirts – you get the picture. Just a few weeks ago I noticed a speck of something on my white jeans, wiped it away and upon wiping I discovered it was a drop of foundation – now smeared over my white jeans. Great. I had a few minutes until I had to rush out of the door, and instead of swearing and changing my jeans, I calmly proceeded to the bathroom and grabbed my trusty cleansing oil.


How to remove makeup stains from fabric

Beauty hack - how to remove makeup stains
Here’s what you need – cleansing oil, dishwashing liquid, a cloth and some water


Just let me say that I wouldn’t do this with delicate fabrics. Proceed with caution and if all fails, dry-clean.

So, why the cleansing oil? It removes makeup from your face, right? Nearly every makeup product is oil soluble, that’s why makeup breaks down when you massage cleansing oil on your face. Dab a little bit of cleansing oil on fresh makeup stain, then soak a cloth with warm water and rub gently (!!!) over the stain. It should slowly vanish.

You’re left with a bit of oily residue on your clothes. Nobody wants that! So, grab either a bit of liquid laundry detergent, or, like I do, a bit of dishwashing liquid. Nothing removes oil from fabric like dishwashing liquid. Rub it in, wash it off, and you’ll be left with a bit of wet fabric that should be good as gold again in no time. Done.


Now, I *bet* you’ll use this hack, right?! Are there any other fail-safe beauty hacks you really use? Inquiring minds want to know!

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