It’s that time of the month again! This time I found out that Germans use makeup only because they’re insecure, how to do an easy topknot, and how I pair my new statement glasses with the right eye makeup. But there’s more, of course! Japanese beauty products, interesting bits and bobs about travelling, and some DIY!


How far would you go to get rid of under-eye bags? Would you consider micro-needling?

I recently went from my rimless glasses to a pair that can be considered as statement glasses. And while I’m always wary of articles that tell you how to do your makeup and make it sound like there’s no alternative, I found quite good recommendations for wearing makeup with glasses in this article.

One of my most favourite topics in the world – beauty products from other countries! This post features Japanese products, and I want to try them all.

Apparently, we Germans use beauty products because we’re insecure. A really interesting article about a recent study in Germany, and I don’t believe it at all. What about all the makeup geeks and beautyjunkies out there who love makeup because they love the creativity of it?! (in German)



How about ogling some breathtaking landscapes and dreaming of our next vacations?

While we’re on the subject of travelling, be careful with taking Melatonin for jetlag, though!

DIY time! How about some room scents that aren’t harmful (especially interesting for households with children or pets). (in German)

I’m awful at doing my hair, but even I can manage that easy topknot tutorial!

I’ve read Laura’s blog for a long time, and I loved her YT videos back in the day when she still made them, and I love her tongue-in-cheek post about Instagram!

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